10 types of players each of you has already met

In MMORPGs, there are many types of players. But especially in group content, you often meet clichés in the “randoms”. We show you 10 of them here.

If you like to play group content in MMORPGs, you will only be able to rely on friends and guild mates in the most fortunate cases. Again and again you have to rely on a few “randoms” to laugh at. Often this works out without any problems. But the encounters that remain in your memory are the clichés that you can only shake your head at later. We would like to list a few types of players that everyone has experienced in groups. While these players are based on experiences in World of Warcraft, we’re pretty sure you can find them in a very similar way in other MMORPGs.

1. warlocks with strange names

When creating a new character, it often has to be done quickly. Most just use their usual username for the first character or spontaneously think up some fantasy name. But warlocks are more likely to have the urge to use some “super-genius” pun that also clearly shows they know the abilities of their class. Usually some pun involving “Fear” or other skills. Want a few examples?


  • Critneyfears
  • Incinderella
  • Feargewinnt
  • Harrydotter
  • Mattdemon
  • Hartzfear
  • Succubusdriver


After all, with these colleagues, usually only the name is the “problem” and the rest works. After all, we already know that they know their capabilities. At least a few.

WoW Gnome Warlock Casting a Bolt title 1280x720


2. the greeting AFKler

As is so often the case, only one player is missing to get started right away. Since you only need one DPS character, you can find him quickly. You invite the first warrior, greet him in a friendly manner, port him to the dungeon and are just about to enter, when the chat already flashes up.

“Short afk, have a smoke.” Of course, that doesn’t have to be a cigarette; it can alternatively be making a cup of tea or writing a term paper. The rest of the group stares at the last teammate with increasing aggression in their eyes as the minutes slowly tick down. Why on earth do you look for a group first and then go AFK directly? Why don’t you first do the things that are obviously important and only then join a group?

Apart from spontaneous emergencies, this is one thing above all: rude. And that does not remain in a good memory.

3rd hunter

It’s one of those clichés that has stuck around for years. Ever since Uncle Barlow comedically disparaged the class with his hunter blog on YouTube back in the day. But it persists, and time and time again, the very hunters who fulfill that stereotype are remembered: They seem pretty whacky, clearly do too little damage, and somehow their equipment doesn’t really fit together either.

If you take a closer look, you will easily find out that the hunter actually only uses his automatic attack and occasionally lets his pet rush forward. Sometimes the hunter runs into the melee himself – not to use strong abilities, but to heal his own pet with a bandage.

That alone would still be bearable, but then the pet also has the habit to run into any groups of enemies that you actually wanted to avoid. But the hunter is quite sure in the chat that “Pets can’t poultice at all” – even when the mob group has beaten his pet into the afterlife and now rushes towards the healer beaming with joy.

4th player with over-rating and no skill

Even as the warrior with an item level of 278 and a rating of 3,200 reports in, everyone in the group frowns in wonder. Because actually, all you need for these dungeons is equipment around level 200 and a rating of 700 would be more than enough.

But good. Maybe this god still has a quest open or just boredom, so he wants to grace these lowly creatures with his presence.

However, it’s clear from the first boss that something is wrong with the warrior. He plays the boss mechanics very strangely, not to say at all. Abilities are not dodged and absolute basic knowledge of one’s own class or of the dungeon seems to be missing – and this despite the fact that he wears overpowered equipment.

With a little bit of research, you’ll find out: The guy has only ever been dragged through dungeons and probably spent a lot of gold or even real money on it. Now he probably wanted to show off a little bit with his equipment and falls with it properly on the mouth.

These players fit one of the biggest stereotypes and are one of the reasons why many would like to see boosting banned. But in fact, encounters with such players are rather rare and usually you can find out after a few seconds whether such characters are really up to something. After that, you have to look for a replacement or take pity on the over-equipped player and try to teach him everything very slowly.

WoW DPS Sepulcher of the first ones title Night Elf Flex 2

5. the silent ones

Even though social interaction in games like World of Warcraft may have suffered a bit in recent years, at least a short greeting in group chat is still part of the game. A short “Good evening” or “Hello :)” is simply not too much to ask – is it?

Well, sometimes apparently it is. Because no matter what you ask, no matter how friendly you offer a port to the dungeon – there is simply no response.

There are always all kinds of questions going through your head:


  • Can the player simply not write?
  • Did the parents restrict communication in the account settings?
  • Did the player just hide the chat?


Players like this turn out to be a complete grab bag when it comes to their gameplay performance. From absolute bomb DPS players to the main winner of the “sucker lottery”, there really can be anything. If the player can’t even manage to write a quick “Hi” in the chat before starting the dungeon, you should really think about whether you really want to take him or her. On the other hand, many MMO players are also kind of into lootboxes … and that’s where you sometimes catch a zonk.

6. the overtank

The search for a tank is difficult and often takes a lot of time. Most of the time, you end up taking the first one that comes along. Often this goes well. Sometimes it goes badly. And very rarely is the tank so incredibly good that the healer can just do damage and the DPS players barely have to dodge abilities because the tank is already distracting them all anyway. You literally fly through the dungeon, being faster and more efficient than ever before.

When you ask at the end of the dungeon if the tank is still available for further instances, you usually get the same answer in a modified form: “Ah, thanks for the offer, but I just wanted to do a quick dungeon before my guild gets back, which I’ll be heading out with now. Have a good evening and good luck!” As your own tears slowly seep away between the keys of the keyboard, you say goodbye – and never see the tank again.

7. the would-be supertank

But where there is light, there is also shadow. Where there is the incredibly good tank, there are also those who only maintain this facade and pretend to be something they are not. Most of the time, though, you don’t realize that until the moment it’s too late.

With a matter-of-factness where the group rock-solidly assumes that, yes, the tank always plays that way and knows exactly what he’s doing, the warrior takes a running leap into the first, second, and third groups simultaneously. A big pull, many enemies that should be defeated at the same time. But it does not come to that.

Before your own healer can even click the first spell, the warrior already falls over in front and lies dead on the ground. Next to the roar of the enemies, who are now dismembering healers and DPS players, you can only see the group chat flashing with an aggressive “HEAL?????”.

The tragedy repeats itself. Twice. Three times. Four times. While the healer ages by years within a few minutes and wonders whether the class teacher shouldn’t have gone the way of a DPS character.

Then the warrior, who only now realizes that he still carries some green items, wordlessly leaves the group.

WoW Tanks angry Red background title 1280x720

8. the macro monster

Macros and addons can be a nice thing, making many things much easier. And sometimes an automated chat message for special events is also helpful to inform the group quickly. But then there are people who overdo it and really have every action in the game associated with some stupid command. Not only does the summoning of a soul well get a “I summon from the depths of Nether a fountain of healing energy that will consume your soul”, but so does pretty much every attack.

It doesn’t matter if you interrupt an enemy spell – which can still be useful to tell the group, or if you scored a critical hit, summoned a hell beast, or just sat down to snack on a mana roll. Everything has been plastered over with some macro or addon text, so that after the first 10 minutes the chat window is already the length of the first “A Song of Ice and Fire” novel.

9. the crazy one

At the start, this hero turns out to be a pretty standard average random. He does solid damage, follows the party, doesn’t accidentally pull, and is actually in the 95% of standard dungeon experiences. At least until he dies.

Because then he’s a bit overzealous and doesn’t wait for the healer to resurrect him, but resurrects himself – leaving him at the entrance of the dungeon. Mildly annoying, but no big deal. Usually it doesn’t take long to get back to the group – if you know the way. And that’s exactly where the problem begins. The player now staggers alone through the dungeon completely clumsily and has obviously been robbed of his sense of direction. Even after minutes he doesn’t manage to get back to the group.

WoW Thex troll shaman asking title 1140x445

However, this version of a player at least has a sense of humor and a bit of shame. He or she apologizes dozens of times in chat, while continuing to circle the rounds and the interface announces a few more times that he apparently ran into some enemies again and died again.

After minutes, someone finally takes pity and returns to the missing player who, after another ten minutes of wandering, has somehow ended up back at the instance portal. Holding hands, the character is now escorted back to the party and the final boss. The dungeon wasn’t completed within the time limit, but somehow a good time was had by all – because sometimes this complete, no-brainer scheduling is a bit cute. Or maybe there were drugs involved. One can only speculate.

10. the incorrigible choleric

DPS players love one thing above all: damage. As big numbers as possible, as fast as possible. And anything that could make you do less damage is extremely annoying. Even that huge area of fire you’re standing in right now. You could move out of it, of course, but that would reduce your own damage output and so… you stand still.

Because especially in harder dungeons this often can’t be compensated by the healer, the player dies. After a clearly incensed “HEAL????” in the chat, the incident repeats itself again. Most healers are somehow patient people (or elves, dwarves, whatever …), but after the colleague has chosen the fiery death for the 3rd time, then comes an announcement: Either you go quickly out of the fire, or you can look for another group, because the healer can not compensate. And – of course – it doesn’t work either. So in the end there is nothing left but to remove the player from the group and look for a replacement.

WoW Female Mage Angry Cower title

But the story doesn’t end there, because now the spurned one really gets going. In the whisper channel, the healer or group leader (or both) is given another good telling off. The group would only be made up of losers if someone like him were kicked out. He already has a new group that is much more competent. But that’s better in the end, he says, because with such [animals] you don’t bother with them at all. Actually, you also play at world level in a mythical raid guild – how stupid do you have to be not to notice that?

Moreover, you should greet your own mother, you left so early last night. And anyway, you’re a pretty poor sausage if you spend your free time in an MMORPG on a Saturday night and don’t go out to party – ignoring the fact that you were part of this activity yourself. This encounter mostly ends up on the ignore list.

Do you know of any other “cliché encounters” with players in dungeons?


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