2 days to max level 1,000 in CoD Warzone

Twitch streamer “Tasty” has shared that he has collected a Shadow ban in Call of Duty: Warzone. His account is being checked for suspicious actions. It took the streamer only 2 days after the start of – Season 5 to reach the maximum – Season level of 1,000.

Call of Duty changed its Prestige system to a – Season system a few years ago. Previously, you would reach a set max level, manually reset your progress, and then play up to the max level again at a higher prestige level.

Today, your level resets every – Season , but you keep all your unlocked items. In return, you’ll get 1,000 – Season Levels to level up and unlock lots of Cosmetics and Challenges.

Reaching – Season Level 1,000 is quite an achievement. If you just play Warzone, it takes forever to even get close to the maximum. Twitch streamer “Tasty” used a little trick and managed to reach – Season 5’s 1,000 levels in just 2 days.

But now he is under suspicion of cheating.

Too well leveled: Streamer cashes in Shadow ban

Noticed in his matches that match making is taking significantly longer and he is now constantly dealing with cheaters. Clear signs that one has conceded a shadow ban.

Upon asking Activision, he then found out that his account was currently “Under Review”. So Tasty did indeed get a Shadow ban and only played with accounts that are also “Under Review”.

What is a Shadowban in CoD Warzone and what can you do about it?

For the streamer, it’s clear that the review is about the fact that he reached the 1,000 levels in Warzone within 2 days. After all, without cheats or unlock tools, this can hardly be explained at first glance.

How did he do it then? Tasty has discovered a very powerful method for increasing account level. Especially on the small map “Fortune’s Keep” it works really well. In addition, his method has been strengthened by the current event “The Last Stand”.

  • Land at the POI “Keep” and open crates for all they’re worth.
  • Each crate gives 200 XP for opening and 200 XP for the event token
  • In the game mode “Revival” certainly starts a “shot sale” every round
  • Collect lots of cash via the crates and use the shot sale to buy plate bundles
  • The bundles will only cost you 300 cash in the shot sale, but will earn you 550 account XP

The method has been a thing since the introduction of the shot sale events, but has been little known. Due to the excessive use of Twitch streamer Tasty, this has now changed, possibly a nerf is coming soon.

If you want to hear Tasty explain the method himself, check out his English video on YouTube (via youtube.com).

However, you should be careful when using it. Due to Tasty’s ban, it’s clear that the developers didn’t intend such fast leveling. It is even “cheat-suspicious” and can result in a Shadow ban.

Do you see an exploit here that should get you banned? Or are you relaxed about it? Write your opinion in the comments.

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