23-year-old becomes a millionaire with CS:GO

23-year-old Kirill “Boombl4” Mikhailov is a professional player of the shooter Counterstrike: Global Offensive (Steam). In 2021 alone, he earned $832,000 in prize money playing tournaments in . Now, in an interview, he tells how a turbulent relationship with a woman destroyed his life and career.

That was the “dream career” of Boombl4:

  • The now 23-year-old Russian played for Natus Vincere and was the team’s in-game leader. He led NAVI to many successes, especially in 2021: The team is half Russians and half Ukrainians, including s1mple, a great player.
  • In total, Boombl4 has earned over a million US dollars in prize money with CS:GO: in 2021 he took over $830,000 in prize money (via esportearnings).
  • Most notably, 2021 went great for NAVI: in November 2021, the team won a major tournament in Stockholm and Mikhailov proposed to his then-girlfriend on a big stage.

Just a few months after that, however, Boombl4 was fired, his wife divorced him, and he released a video of himself pulling something through his nose.

Now Boombl4 is talking about his so momentous relationship.

Where are the statements from? In a YouTube interview in Russian, Boombl4 now talks about his relationship with his ex-wife, who appears on Instagram as LiQueen (via youtube). We at MeinMMO refer to a translation and summary of the interview in English (via blix).

Player broke up with girlfriend because she did not congratulate him on the victory

How he met his girlfriend: He said he had broken up with his then and first girlfriend in March 2021 because she hadn’t congratulated him on winning a CS:GO tournament. He then wanted to take the relationship thing a little easier.

But he met a woman with whom he immediately felt a connection and wanted to spend more time with.

While still in the early stages of the relationship, he had flown to Mexico with the new acquaintance, promising to propose to her if he won the World Cup one day. After their stay in Mexico, the two were officially a couple.

CS:GO is one of the most lucrative and biggest e-sports titles in the world, especially in Russia and Eastern Europe:

Promise becomes the player’s undoing

How did the marriage proposal come about? According to the player, he and his future wife had a turbulent relationship from the beginning:

  • They had separated from each other again and again,
  • But also spent very beautiful moments together.
  • Boombl4 had resolved to be a good stepfather to his wife’s son from a previous relationship.

Thus, he said, they had moved into a shared apartment immediately before the start of the tournament in November 2021. However, his new stepson did not live with them:

We moved into our first mean apartment. I felt so good, I moved out from my parents for the first time and lived my life with my wife – it was great. But boot camp before major was coming up and she wanted to have a serious talk. We had just played BLAST Online and everything was good, then she says: We have to break up. I ask: are you sure? Let’s pretend you didn’t say that and never say that again.

Girlfriend breaks up first, reminds player of his promise to marry her

While Boombl4 was training at boot camp and during the World Cup, he said he had no contact with his girlfriend. But it is said that when the World Cup came to a head, the girlfriend repeatedly reminded him of his promise to propose to her if they won.

In the end, all his teammates warned him not to propose, but he says he decided with his heart instead of his head.

How did the relationship fall apart? Immediately after he proposed to his wife, rumors surfaced on Telegram that the woman was a former high-class postulant who also worked as a porn actress between 2018 and 2021 (via gamesread).

However, he and his wife had contradicted those rumors at the time. Boombl4 says today that he wanted to do what was right for his wife. He had loved her very much.

Woman posts pictures on Instagram supporting the war in Ukraine

How did she destroy his life? His wife is heavily active on social media, especially Instagram and Telegram. This ultimately became Boombl4’s undoing. She posted photos on Instagram in which she was seen with the Russian flag and in front of tanks. Apparently, she wanted to support Putin’s war in Ukraine.

However, NAVI is a Ukrainian team and could not tolerate this at all. The behavior of his wife led to the dismissal of Boombl4, as he now confirms.

Boombl4 says:
Those were mentally the hardest days for me: the photo with the flag. She showed me that she took the photo. I said: don’t post that. She asked me: Why not? I said: it reflects negatively on my career. Then two weeks later she posts the photo. I ask again: Why? But she doesn’t answer, just says, I had to swallow that.
In the end, however, these photos led to his dismissal from NAVI, but the woman had no understanding for that:

I woke up and the head of NAVI called me and told me that I was no longer part of the team. I took that without emotion. I went to my wife and told her, but I didn’t tell her that it was up to her. And she didn’t understand that.

He says that when he told his friends that he was fired because of his wife, they just said, “Well, you need to know exactly why that happened.”

That’s how the divorce came about: Boombl4 says he had decided to divorce his wife after being kicked out of NAVI:
I made the decision myself. As a joke, before we started dating, I told her, “If I have to choose between you and the team, I’m going to choose you. And it backfired badly. After I got kicked out, she acted like everything was okay, but for me it was a blow. I lost everything I’ve done all my life: my whole career, because of her. She’s in denial about it. That was a big blow to me.”
Since the divorce, his ex-wife has presented herself in strong poses on Instagram – solo or with their son from a previous relationship:

Wife posts post-divorce video of Boombl4 using drugs

Here’s what else he says about the relationship: Boombl4 says in his time with his wife, he transferred about $530,000 to her to clear her mortgage, pay for her various cosmetic procedures, pay for her child and her clothes.

On one occasion, he said, she had come out of the shower and did not have her teeth in her mouth. When he saw this, he said, she was startled and quickly ran back into the bathroom. After the incident, she wrote a domestic violence report to the police.

He later learned that his wife had slept with another man immediately before he proposed. For him, however, that had been okay, since they had just been separated.

During the divorce, she confiscated his cell phone and searched it for messages. Apparently she thought Boombl4 was gay. But he says he only has a close friend.

After the divorce, she allegedly tried to blackmail him for money and ultimately posted a video of him snorting drugs through his nose. The player says: That was once on vacation together in Mexico, when he also gave her the promise to marry her.

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This is his lesson from marriage: The player says:
You need to listen to your friends, your families and relatives more often, but unfortunately I listened to my heart. Today I know that I should have listened to my head.
Now he is eager to play for a top team in CS:GO again. For which team doesn’t matter to him at the moment. He is still young and wants a chance to prove himself.

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