29-year-old goes missing – Overwatch

Former Overwatch coach and content creator Justin “Jayne” Conroy has been reported missing by Canadian police. The community was worried about the 29-year-old. Twitch streamer xQc also got in touch via his Twitter channel and called for a search. Now everyone can breathe a sigh of relief: Jayne has been found.

Update 6/24, 6:40 p.m.: As reported by a local newspaper, Justin Conroy has been found. No other details are known yet. It is only said that he is safe (via ctvnews).

Who is Jayne? Jayne made a name for himself as an Overwatch coach for professional e-sports teams. He was especially known in the community for his detailed game analyses. In addition, Jayne was active as a streamer and content creator on YouTube. Popular were the videos in which he taught players how they could improve in Overwatch. However, the last time he increasingly withdrew from e-sports as well as streaming. Nevertheless, he remained a well-known and popular gamer within the Overwatch community.

Who is xQc? xQcr started in 2016 as a professional player in Overwatch. Now he streams different games on his Twitch channel, such as CS:GO or DayZ. He has 10.9 million followers and is one of the top earners on Twitch.

How do Jayne and xQc know each other? In 2018, xQc played on the national team of Canada. Jayne served as the team’s Head Coach during this time and arguably celebrated the greatest success of his e-sports career. The team finished third in the 2018 Overwatch World Cup.

Canadian police called for assistance

Canadian police in Airdrie reported the former content creator missing two days ago and are appealing on their social media channels for the public to be on the lookout for the man and forward any to them.

When was Jayne last seen? On Monday, June 20, the former content creator was seen leaving his home in Airdrie, Alberta (via canadapolicereport.ca). Since then, there has been no trace of Jayne.

What does xQc have to say about the missing person case? xQc is concerned. In a Twitter post, he retweeted the police missing person report and asked for people’s help in finding Jayne. He refers to Coach as “my boy,” his buddy. Also, xQc says he hopes his former coach is okay.

How does the Overwatch community respond? xQc is not the only one who publicly reacted to Jayne’s missing report. Other Creator and Esport teams like Toronto Defiant also spread the word.

Individuals are also sharing the tweets, hoping that Jayne will be found as soon as possible as a result. What stands out: The Overwatch community is behind Jayne with its commitment even years after his e-sports retirement. Especially since the community had been worried about the Creator’s mental state for quite some time. There have been recurring discussions about whether Jayne was suffering from bipolar disorder and had suffered losses on investments in cryptocurrencies and NFTs. A huge weight loss of the man and some statements in his videos and on social media increase the community’s worries about the man (via twitter).

It is hoped that the dissemination of the missing persons report will be successful and that Jayne will be found as soon as possible. Streamers and public figures in general are often under a lot of pressure to perform. Criticisms of one’s own person and hate messages can negatively affect the psyche.


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