Absurd values in FIFA 22

Wylan Cyprien forms the top of the Silver Stars in FIFA 22 Ultimate Team. The Frenchman of FC Nantes is not only cheap to get via SBC, but also as good as Ruud Gullit’s base icon.When a Silver card has the qualities of an Icon version: although Wylan Cyprien only has a 74 overall rating, his sub-values are as good as Ruud Gullit’s. And this card can be had for a measly 20,000 coins via Squad Building Challenge (SBC).

Bug Festival – The Most Absurd Fails in FIFA 22

Inexplicable map ratings are anything but new when it comes to EA Sports’ famous soccer simulation. In this case, however, the developer’s spending spree escalates in favor of all road-to-glory fans. This is because the Frenchman Cyprien is part of the unofficial “Gullit Gang” thanks to his individual scores. All six categories are in the 80s range.

Cyprien’s stats make the Frenchman an excellent all-rounder in central midfield. (Source: EA Sports)

Cyprien convinces not only with his values, but also with his reasonable price. For 20,000 to a maximum of 25,000 coins (PlayStation and PC), the Silver Star is available. This makes the central midfielder significantly cheaper than Ruud Gullit’s base icon card. Both cards have almost the same values, with Cyprien even slightly ahead according to Futbin.com.

The comparison between Cyprien Silver Star and Gullit Base Icon shows the similarities between the two player cards. (Source: Futbin.com)

So if a silver player is as good or even slightly better than a playable icon, EA Sports has provided a positive surprise with this action. Accordingly, the SBC around Wylan Cyprien is an absolute recommendation. This is available until Sunday. Cyprien is not only an absolute top player for the Silver Lounge, but can even be a reinforcement in the main team.

Solution of the Wylan Cyprien Silver Star SBC

A team of eleven players must be turned in by Sunday at the latest to unlock the game-winning Wylan Cyprien FUT card. Those with surplus cards might even be able to complete this task for free without the use of coins.

Wylan Cyprien


  • Players from France: At least 1
  • Total team rating: At least 83
  • Team chemistry: At least 75
  • Number of players in the team: 11


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