ADC the Best Role in League of Legends?

In the ever-evolving world of , certain positions have risen and fallen in terms of their power and viability. For years, the ADC (AD Carry) role has been considered challenging to play and lacked the rewarding feeling of carrying games. However, in recent months, ADCs have found themselves in a favorable position, with a wider range of viable picks, including not only traditional ADC champions but also mages and bruisers with support from champions like Senna. So, is ADC the strongest role in League of right now? Let’s delve into the current state of ADCs and explore their impact in the game.

Introduction: The Evolution of ADC in League of Legends

For many players, ADC has often been seen as a challenging and thankless role. In 2019, it even became a meme that playing ADC in certain years was impossible due to the dominance of assassins and burst mages. However, the landscape has shifted, and ADCs now find themselves in a much better spot, offering a more diverse and rewarding gameplay experience.

The Current State of ADCs in League of Legends

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The Meta and Popular Picks for ADCs in 2023

The current meta for League of Legends remains relatively stable, with MSI being played on patch 13.8. Within this meta, several ADC picks have emerged as noteworthy contenders. , in particular, has been dominating both solo queue and the professional scene with her exceptional range advantage over other champions. However, it’s important to note that there are distinct differences in playing Jinx between professional play and solo queue.

Jinx: A Dominant Force in Solo Queue and Professional Play

In professional play, Jinx benefits from the entire team playing around her, providing peels, resources, turret plates, bounties, and farm. In solo queue, however, players must adapt and secure these resources on their own, while also adopting a more defensive playstyle. Mistakes as an ADC in solo queue can lead to severe punishments and potentially cost the game. Nevertheless, Jinx remains a formidable pick with her ability to carry games when played correctly.

Other Strong ADC Picks: , Aphelios, Xayah, Lucian, and Kai’Sa

Aside from Jinx, the current meta features other ADC champions who have established themselves as strong picks. Ezreal, known for his unique playstyle, can be both aggressive and defensive when needed. Aphelios, a high-priority pick in leagues, excels in competitive play. Lucian, frequently banned due to his synergy with Nami, and Xayah, a reliable alternative when Jinx or Aphelios are unavailable, round out the list of top ADC picks. Kai’Sa, with her versatility and scaling potential, also remains a popular choice among ADC players.

The Unique Playstyle of Ezreal and His Impact on the ADC Role

Ezreal, in particular, stands out due to his distinct playstyle. With a built-in flash on his E ability, Ezreal can be both slippery and aggressive. His damage output is a mix of physical and magic damage, relying heavily on skill shots rather than auto attacks. The success of an Ezreal player hinges on consistently landing skill shots to maximize damage potential. This dynamic playstyle sets Ezreal apart from other ADC champions and appeals to players who enjoy a more skill-shot-oriented experience.

The Future of ADCs in League of Legends: Mid-Season Patch 13.10

Looking ahead, the upcoming mid-season patch 13.10 is poised to bring significant changes to the game, particularly in terms of itemization. With all mythic items becoming legendary items and vice versa, the item landscape for ADCs will undergo a substantial transformation. The introduction of new and modified items will likely have a profound impact on the ADC meta and the champions played in the role.

Anticipated Item Changes and Their Potential Impact on ADCs

The item changes in patch 13.10 will affect key items that ADCs typically build. While some details remain uncertain, certain modifications have been revealed. For instance, the Bloodthirster item will grant increasing attack damage when the player is above half of their maximum health. Additionally, returning items such as Statikk Shiv, which had been removed from the game, will make a comeback. These item changes open up the potential for new and diverse builds, further expanding the strategic options available to ADC players.

Possibility of Hybrid Builds and AP Scaling for ADCs

One intriguing aspect of the upcoming item changes is the inclusion of AP scaling for some ADC abilities. This change allows for hybrid builds or even full AP builds on certain ADC champions. With new items scaling well with AP and dealing on-hit magic damage instead of physical, players may have more flexibility in their playstyle and build paths. This shift in itemization could introduce exciting and unexpected strategies to the ADC role.

The Current Strength of ADCs and the Potential for Change

At present, ADCs are undeniably one of the strongest roles in the game, offering a significant impact on the outcome of matches. However, the ever-evolving nature of League of Legends means that nothing remains static for long. The upcoming weeks and the implementation of patch 13.10 could bring about substantial shifts in the meta and potentially alter the strength and viability of ADCs. As the game evolves, other classes may receive buffs or changes that could challenge the dominance of ADCs.

Conclusion: The Dynamic Nature of ADCs in League of Legends

In conclusion, the ADC role in League of Legends has undergone a transformative journey. From being considered challenging and unrewarding, it has emerged as a formidable force in the current meta. ADCs now offer a diverse range of viable picks, with Jinx leading the charge as a dominant force in both solo queue and professional play. Other champions like Ezreal, Aphelios, Xayah, Lucian, and Kai’Sa also play important roles in the ADC landscape. With the upcoming mid-season patch introducing significant item changes, the future of ADCs remains uncertain. However, one thing is certain—ADCs will continue to adapt and evolve, ensuring an exciting and dynamic gameplay experience in League of Legends.


Which ADC champions are currently considered the strongest?

Jinx, Ezreal, Aphelios, Xayah, Lucian, and Kai’Sa are all strong ADC picks in the current meta.

Will the upcoming mid-season patch affect the viability of ADCs?

Yes, the item changes introduced in the mid-season patch could significantly impact the ADC meta and the champions played in the role.

Can ADCs play a hybrid or full AP build?

With the upcoming item changes, hybrid builds or even full AP builds may become viable for certain ADC champions.

How has the perception of the ADC role changed over time?

The ADC role has evolved from being considered challenging and unrewarding to becoming a dominant force in the current meta.

Are ADCs the strongest role in League of Legends right now?

Currently, ADCs are one of the strongest roles in the game, but the dynamic nature of League of Legends means that the meta can shift rapidly.

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