After dropping out of school for Fortnite

Fortnite pro Benyfishy is ending his career in the Battle Royale. He has enough reasons for it. The young Briton will switch to a popular game from Riot Games. Benjy Fish, better known as “Benjyfishy”., caused a stir a few months before the Fortnite World Cup 2019. The professional gamer was taken out of school at the time to focus on his career in the Battle Royale shooter. Three years later, however, the well-known player ended his profile career despite numerous fans – and switched to another Esport title.

Benjyfishy hangs up his Fortnite pickaxe. Because on Friday, the Brit announced on Twitter, where he boasts 1.8 million followers, the end of his career in Fortnite tournaments. “I’m quitting Competitive Fortnite to focus on VALORANT,” the now 18-year-old Fortnite star said in his video explanation.According to his own statement, Benjyfishy has lost the desire to play Fortnite. Already in the past – Season , he mostly only participated in the tournaments, although the years before he was still actively playing eight to ten hours a day. “I wanted to be a pro gamer because I wanted a job that I could enjoy,” explains the outgoing Fortnite pro. “That’s why it would be pointless for me to continue pursuing something I don’t like anymore.”

The British content creator and streamer will focus on VALORANT from now on. The tactical shooter from LoL developer Riot Games is currently a lot of fun for Benjyfishy. “It’s the most fun I’ve ever had in gaming, possibly since most recently Fortnite World Cup.” His future video highlights can be followed on his YouTube channel and his livestreams on Twitch. He will continue to be involved with the NRG Esports organization. Signed at the age of 14 at the start of his Fortnite career, he will now also produce VALORANT content for NRG. Fortnite has seen its viewership numbers drop recently as general interest in the game has steadily dwindled since the World Cup. Already a year ago, Benjyfishy criticized that Fortnite could “die out” due to ever lower prize money.

Benjyfishy is far from sad or angry regarding his Fortnite departure. He has thanked numerous people, especially his mother, who supported him from the beginning and gave him the freedom to train. The 58-year-old started actively streaming Fortnite herself and has built a fan base alongside her son. He also had words of gratitude for his duo partner “Savage,” with whom he played at the World Cup at the time: “Savage made my career and without him I wouldn’t be anywhere near where I am now.”

Award-winning Fortnite career

The young Englishman qualified for the Fortnite World Cup in solo and duo modes in 2019. As a result, he directly collected the participation bonus of 50,000 US dollars twice. Due to his high profile on Twitter and Twitch, Benjyfishy was one of the big favorites for the title, but had to pay dearly at the LAN spectacle in New York’s Arthur Ashe Stadium. In total, Benjyfishy has won nearly $600,000 in prize money in Fortnite. He took two-thirds of that in the World Cup year alone. In total, Epic Games awarded 100 million US dollars in prize money for the entire World Cup, including qualifying tournaments, and thus attracted a lot of attention worldwide.


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