Analyzing Every New Item In League of Legends

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Pre- Season 13 is finally here and I wanted to go over the new changes to items that may very well affect the entire game and future metas for the forseeable future of – Season 13.

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LoL #- Season 13 League of

League of Legends Champion – Marksman Xayah.

Deadly and precise, Xayah is a vastayan revolutionary waging a personal war to save her people. She uses her speed, guile, and razor-sharp feather blades to cut down anyone who stands in her way. Xayah fights alongside her partner and lover, Rakan, to protect their dwindling tribe, and restore their race to her vision of its former glory.

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38 Replies to “Analyzing Every New Item In League of Legends”

So I did play about 50 games in rank as a jungler and a support, I do think the new tank item numbers need to be lowered, and also the tenacity, cuz I realized support with hard cc don't survive in this meta unless they hit their cc like 80-90%, also healing item are now not a fraction of self-heal.

well samira corki Kindred Graves Xayah Ashe Kalista Aphelios Varus Senna and Sivir have a lot more benefirs from going Navori than IE since theyr power is in the Skills rather in Autos
Also lets remember that Graves now is a lot better into bruiser ADC than Crit

Just putting in my two cents here. Navori lets you do dumb stuff you might not have thought of, like running it on Trist, yes, infinity edge is more damage on each hit, but as soon as trist gets navori 3rd, she instantly has her Q 100% of the time in fights, which essentially means she hits 2.5 attack speed with only crit ad items. Also it lets her bomb you every ~4 seconds, that bomb doesn't benefit from infinity edge besides the 70 ad and it gives, and navori will further improve its damage with its second passive. You do 1300+ damage per bomb and you can spam them out so long as you can keep autoing.

Another instance is that Xayah, who has never really had good itemization just got a massive buff. Yeah again, infinity edge damage is nice… but what if she had: permanent access to her W for more attack speed, therefore being able to cut out attack speed from her build and instead focus entirely on ad crit items, and now she has more feathers in general because her cooldowns are so much lower (on average you can get something like 10+ feathers with navori) and now her E is almost constantly up in fights which lets her root you more often so she can wail on you. Oh and Navori amps her ability damage which can make up for not putting points in Q until the late game, plus more damage on E is just insane for her.

It finally gives caster marksman a proper item that truly works for them, those two are new examples, the obvious point is that Lucian gets infinite E on three items and is therefore basically impossible to catch so the up front damage from inf edge doesn't matter if he just gets to double auto you a thousand times while being out of reach. Kai'sa gets access to an on-demand Vayne R-Q with it as well as more dps and up front damage on her Q. Hell for a bit on pbe I screwed around with crit teemo to see if you could use navori to get his Q back up before they were unblinded (sadly it just barely works and there's a moment to attack, it's just a meme but like, I had to try it lol)

There is one thing to note that balances a bit Heartsteel
It is 30s CD per champion, yes, but don't forget the main tanks that would build it are Toplaners (zac is a jungler, yes, and some others are as well) so the 30s per champ is basically 30s globally because you won't go on CD to every lane to proc it
Maybe sometimes on the jungler yes but still.
As for if it's broken or not, you have to understand that it doesn't give armor or mr, which means if you don't have innate tankiness, you may not be able to proc it as much as wanted in teamfights
I play in Aram a lot, and there's a huge difference between a Kled building Heartsteel and a Braum. The former can have 400 to 500hp stacked at 10 minutes when the latter usually have 200 or 250 at most.
If Braum had a Solary or a Jak'Sho, he would gain enough tankiness to peel all teamfight
So yeah Heartsteel is REALLY strong, but you need to understand that's not for everyone everywhere ^^

Heartsteel imo feels kinda weird rn. It’s build path feels really bad and if you are up against anyone who has significant %hp damage or rushes botrk it feels completely useless until 2-3 items.

tank items are completely broken now…. i can int every game as master yi and rushing botrk with guinsoo's then go jak sho and tank items after that and still dominate

Played Heartsteal Poppy with Force of nature, Abyssal Mask and frozen heart because the enemy has a fighter and an Adc. And I have a fiddlesticks. With my item as long as I'm alive fiddle never died and has more damage.

Wish Riot would nerf tanks and bruisers class damage please. Should not be able to build tanky and do 1k per ability, especially on an AoE ability.

Also there's not many good anti tank items for ADCs. We have Bork and last whisper items… Even if you build both it takes forever to kill a tanky target.

AS adc main – fuk those new items fuk em so hard, the only thing what u could still be useful in was tank shredding (given that ur team plays around you ) but everything is gone … pretty much bot lane is right now just tank/mage comps

Tank metas are most peoples(besides tank players) Least favorite meta. No one likes a meta where literally no one dies. I’m originally not an adc player. But over the past week or so I have played many games of adc and played tanks as well. Its ridiculous. Nearly every game is dictated by which team has more tanks. I was playing vayne into 3 tanks. I could melt through one, but it would take 15 seconds, and by then the tanks have brute forced through the rest of my team. Skirmishers and bruisers that dont have access to armor pen or % max hp damage are more or less either forced to build tank items, or are just fucked. Taking yasuo/yone into example being that they are notoriously bad into tanks, and this season may even be worse than they were in the previous. S12 yone was 47% winrate lol. Riots really going insane buffing tanks this much

I like most of the item changes quite a lot. The only one that I am not a fan of is iceborn guantlet. I genuinely think it should be a legendary item (especially in lieu with what you were saying, it's too niche to pass up the other mythic options). I also think Heartsteel is strong enough without the infinite stacking part of it's passive tbh.
The only thing I wish they did was commit to a change on Seraph's Embrace. There were at least 3 iterations on the pbe and they scapped all of them and they were all REALLY good. I do not like it's new healing identity. It's lame, especially with RoA back to do that job.

I stopped playing this god-forsaken game almost 3 years ago, and every year some random video always pops-up in my feed with some title or thumbnail with the same text: "Tank meta?"~ IDK, its funny to me.

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