Anima Squad 2022 | Official Event Trailer - League of Legends

Anima Squad 2023 – League of Legends

Suit up and roll out.

Hop into action with Anima Squad skins, chromas, emotes, icons, and the return of One for All.

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Champion – Marksman Twitch.

Twitch is not afraid to get his paws dirty. Aiming a chem-powered crossbow at the gilded heart of Piltover Crest Piltover, he has vowed to show those in the city above just how filthy they really are. Always a sneaky sneak, when he’s not rooting around in the Sump, he’s digging deep into other people’s garbage for discarded treasures… and perhaps a moldy sandwich.

League of Legends Teams – Fnatic.

Fnatic and Dota 2 have always had a difficult relationship with each other. If you were to ask a non-Dota connoisseur how Fnatic is doing, the answer would be unequivocal: “Somewhere upstairs”. The reality therefore seems much more unreal, Fnatic has not yet had a podium success in Dota. Only a second place at the DreamLeague – Season 9 and the DOTA Summit 8 are worth mentioning at all.

League of Legends – Skins-Alles zum Thema.

– Skins are certainly one of the reasons why League of Legends is so popular. In addition, of course, they are also an important part of LoL’s monetization model. Therefore, it’s little surprise that we already know quite a bit about 2021’s skins.

League of Legends Guides- Gnar.

You’ve seen this cute little Yordle all over the LCK as well as the LPL and LEC? Now you want to try your luck at maneuvering this cutie through Summoner’s Rift? Don’t worry, we have just the guide for you. You may not be Nuguri or Zeus, but with a little help and practice, you can master him.

LoL League of Legends – Clash dates 2021.

Last weekend, the League of Legends in-house Clash Tournament took place again and the winners of each group were able to unlock cool skins, stickers and summoner icons. However, since even the losers don’t leave the tournament empty-handed, Clash is also a very good opportunity for less active players to get essences and emotes.

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Renekton's W at the beginning of the game increased by 3s compared to the old one, but at the end of the game decreased by 1s compared to the old one? riot is really stupid!

Buff nasus if he press R gets movementspeed like olaf.
(Maybe renekton too)

Buff ahri damage and scaling need to be equal like Katarina.

Buff wukong base defense or attack this champ still feel weak to kill a jinx full build…

Make new item like old rage blade scaling per hit. ( such an item needed)

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