Apex Legends: All Legends Ranked

“Apex ” is one of the most popular battle royale games in the world, and it only takes a few tries to see why. A high level of polish, excellent movement, a wide range of weapons, and 20 intriguing characters with surprisingly deep backstories are all good reasons to play it. But with so many characters, it’s hard to decide which one is the best.

In this list you’ll find the best and strongest playable legends . All of these characters are great in the right situation, but some are outstanding regardless of when and where they are in action. These are at the top of the list, while the characters ranked further down have more niche roles.


Wraith, the interdimensional skirmisher.

Since the launch of , many things have changed, but there are two constants: the R-301 and Wraith. This weapon always tops the tier lists and Wraith does the same. Whether you like it or not, Wraith has dominated the meta since the beginning. Thanks to her small size and a variety of abilities that allow her to escape dicey situations and track down enemies, she is a true hunter.


Pathfinder, the advanced scout.

Pathfinder earned a top spot right at the start, but in the meantime it has collected some nerfs. Still, second place in this ranking. Pathfinder swings rapidly across the map, allowing you to overwhelm teams by jumping in and out of combat. Thus, you’ll be able to heal in the meantime and always fight on your terms. Combined with the legendary helmet, Pathfinder’s excellent mobility will still let you destroy enemies like the Terminator.


Valkyrie, the winged avenger.

Valkyrie simply works. Her thrusters allow her to stay in the air for a surprisingly long time. She can’t move too fast in the air, which makes her an easy target, but the mobility it gives her is amazing. On top of that, she has the ability to spot enemies from a distance. She can also use her Ultimate to get her entire team to safety in the middle of a fight, which makes her a good choice.


Newcastle, the heroic defender.

Newcastle is able to leap into battle and protect his team by building an impenetrable wall that dwarfs Gibraltar. In addition, he has essentially usurped Lifeline’s healing ability. Newcastle revives allies while pulling them into cover under the protection of his shield. This is the kind of support legend that can get you to the top of the board.


Octane, the high-speed daredevil.

Octane’s abilities are simple and effective. He can run very fast and use a jump pad to get in the air, move quickly and help the team follow him. This all works to your advantage, as this simple playstyle is easy to grasp, yet incredibly solid against pretty much all other legends. You sacrifice a small amount of health, which regenerates over time, for a speed boost. Not a bad tradeoff at all.


Ash, the incisive agitator.

Ash’s tactical ability allows her to tie up an enemy and inflict double shield damage, ripping them to shreds – perfect against those pesky fast legendaries. She’s also fantastic when it comes to hunting down enemy teams – she can use the loot from fallen to locate the killer, and her Ultimate quickly opens a one-way portal towards your enemies.


Lifeline, the combat medic.

With Lifeline, the name says it all, and when she’s on your team, you can feel all the safer. Unfortunately, the powerful resurrection shield is no longer part of Lifeline’s arsenal, but instead she can drop the DOC drone to revive and heal her team while she takes care of the fight against the enemy. She can even revive two players at once, which means that the DOC Drone gives you a good chance to get out of a predicament.


Fuse, the bombastic explosives expert.

Fuse excels at causing chaos. When sneaking up on an unsuspecting team, Fuse is incredible. He can corner teams and lure them into traps with his Ultimate, creating a ring of fire. Alternatively, he fires frag grenades – followed by classic grenades – at high speed and from long distances, destroying enemies trying to hide in closed spaces.


Gibraltar, the shield fortress.

A defensive heavyweight, Gibraltar is great in a variety of situations. He may have found his true opponent in Mad Maggie, but he is very difficult for any other legend to overcome. A strong arm shield will keep Gibraltar healthy longer than any other legend, and in a bad situation, the dome shield can save your day. In a duel, Gibraltar will always win.


Horizon, the gravity manipulator.

You’ve got to love Horizon. Her accent, her mannerisms – she’s just adorable. Plus, she’s very useful in a fight. The speed of her gravity elevator was lowered early on, but she’s still incredibly effective at escaping dicey situations and gaining altitude quickly. A nice alternative to Pathfinder with a far more devastating ultimate.


Vantage, the sniper prodigy.
With a bat on her shoulder and a trusty sniper rifle in her hand, the new Legend for – Season 14 is off to a good start. As seen in her character preview, she has a lot of tricks up her sleeve that make her deadly. With her pet Echo by her side, she can scout the nearby terrain and quickly get into an advantageous position. Her ultimate ability marks enemies so that both Vantage and her teammates can deal increased damage to the target, making for efficient attacks.


Seer, the master of ambush.

The all-seeing, all-powerful Seer is more than happy to expose enemies ripe for ambush. His tactical ability sends drones through walls to detect enemies, and his passive ability literally adds a heartbeat monitor to his ADS readout. It’s a powerful combination that makes Seer one of the most capable recon legends.


Rampart, the psyched modder.

Rampart is the legend you should use to defend an important point – unfortunately, it’s rarely useful in Battle Royale mode. Unless you’re playing one of the other game modes of Apex Legends, Rampart isn’t outstanding, as its walls are easily knocked down with grenades. Fortunately, a wall combined with its machine gun is a great combination and can shred enemies you don’t see coming, so it’s still devastating from a flanking position.


Crypto, the surveillance expert.
The latest patch has slightly improved Crypto, so he could soon rise in the ranks. Crypto is a great reconnaissance legend who can scout long distances with his drone, making it easy to find enemies scattered across the map. This extra insight can be invaluable in combat, as you can also hover the drone in place to mark enemies as you take them out.


Loba, the translocating thief.

Loba is the shopkeeper. Her ultimate ability charges up quickly and is used to suck up all the valuable items in the area. You get two solid items and as much ammo as you want. This makes Loba a great partner for a trigger-happy team.


Bangalore, the professional soldier.

Bangalore is a bit like Fuse, but less offensive. Not in personal terms, but in terms of combat tactics. Bangalore’s smoke grenades cause the same confusion as Fuse’s frag grenades, but also complement a team with Seer, Crypto, or Bloodhound incredibly well. Plus, her ultimate is basically Mad Maggie’s Wrecking Ball – only more effective.

Mad Maggie

Mad Maggie, the rebellious warlord.

Mad Maggie is a new attack legend, and she has a decent selection of tools. As mentioned earlier, her riot drill is the natural counterpart to Gibraltar’s dome shield, as it clings to any surface and shoots thermite at the other side. It is also very adept with a shotgun. However, there are already better legends than Mad Maggie for offense, unless you are a true shotgun fanatic.


Revenant, the synthetic nightmare.

Revenant’s death totem is great, his crouched movement speed is cool, and his boosted climbing abilities are excellent. But these are not as helpful as one would think. The Death Totem overpowers an enemy team in the right situation, but outside of the perfect scenario, it easily becomes a liability.


Bloodhound, the technological tracker.

Sorry, Bloodhound fans. His scan is great, as is activating his ultimate ability – again, in the right scenario. Bloodhound can be a top-notch legend with the right team composition, but if you have to rely on your own abilities, he shouldn’t be your first choice.


Caustic, the toxic trapper.

Over time, Caustic has become less and less deadly. When fleeing from the ring, you certainly don’t want to run into a hallway full of his traps, but as long as that doesn’t happen, Caustic is more of a nuisance than a truly fearsome opponent.


Mirage, the holographic trickster.

Mirage is the master of distractions. It’s a shame that these distractions are pretty predictable once you’ve seen enough of them. Mirage is a very cool legend and you have to love his swagger, but when it comes to his fighting skills…. There are better legends you can go into games with.


Wattson, the static defender.

As fond as the community is of Wattson, the facts are against her. Wattson is a unique legend who is great at defending a point – at least to some degree. Her ultimate skill, which heals friends’ shields and blocks incoming projectiles, is great, but of little use in a fast-paced game like Apex Legends – unless you’re a competitive player in a Final Ring scenario. Not even passive shield regeneration can save you now, Wattson.


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