Apex Legends Mobile Is FINALLY LISTENING! (Season 2.7 Update)

Apex Legends Mobile Is FINALLY LISTENING! (Season 2.7 Update) – #ApexLegends #eSports

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27 Replies to “Apex Legends Mobile Is FINALLY LISTENING! (Season 2.7 Update) – #ApexLegends #eSports”

one of the most annoying things about apex and that has happened to me a lot is that it disconnects itself from the game and asks to reconnect even with a good internet, another thing is Ping, from time to time, here in SA, the Ping fluctuates a lot and it makes the game unplayable

They gotta ban these hackers bro!! Like for real almost all the preds in mobile all hack I caught a lot of them on 4K It’s annoying because I’m a master and I always get put on lobbies with these hackers and it gets super annoying

Hey, I'm Variant X,
I've been playing apex legends mobile, Since from the beginning of season 1.
Please watch my videos, I upload montages, watch at least 30 sec.
Thankyou everyone

Hey Man. I hope you can help get this info to the devs. The South Afraican server is down. All of us in that server are unable to get matches in our server and have to play in other servers with shit high ping. This has been on for about a week now. Either we cant get a match at all or we have to wait 20mins just to match and get an EU asia or US lobby with 220 ping. Many of us have stopped ranking until this is fixed including the former #1 and #3 preds Jedi and B3 . It is very unfair because now they lose their top spots and yet they grinded so hard to get and stay there all season only to get screwed over. Please if you can get this message to the devs or anyone who can convey it. Fix South African Servers . Thanks Roast

Hey man do you play with subscribers? You are one of the creators that keep me on Apex but I am not very good at the game.
I hope we could play together and you could give advices as we go on.
Keep making contents mate

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