Apex – Season Ranked Split Maps in Detail

, the ranked mode is one of the most competitive ways to play the game. It’s where players can test their skills against others and see how they rank on a global leaderboard. However, the ranked mode can be challenging, especially when the season resets. With each new season comes a new set of maps, rules, and gameplay mechanics that players must adapt to.

One of the most significant changes to the ranked mode is the introduction of split maps. Split maps are a new feature in that divides the season into two halves. Each half has a different set of maps that players must play on, and their ranks will reset at the start of each new split. This means that players will have to adjust their playstyle to match the new maps, and it also gives them an opportunity to climb the ranks again.

In the second split of Season 16, players’ ranks will only be reset by one tier. This is a departure from previous seasons, where ranks were reset completely, and players had to start from scratch. This change is designed to make the second split less frustrating for players who have already worked hard to climb the ranks in the first half of the season.

Apex Season Ranked Split Maps

The maps for the first and second split of are as follows:

First Split Maps:

  • World’s Edge
  • Kings Canyon

Second Split Maps:

  • Storm Point
  • Kings Canyon

These maps offer a diverse range of terrain and gameplay styles, from the urban landscape of World’s Edge to the dense forests of Kings Canyon. Each map has its own challenges, and players must learn how to navigate them to succeed in the ranked mode.

for Playing in Ranked Mode

Playing in the ranked mode can be challenging, but there are a few tips that can help players climb the ranks:

Communicate with your team: Communication is key in Apex Legends, especially in the ranked mode. Make sure to use your microphone to coordinate with your teammates and plan your strategy.

Play as a team: Apex Legends is a team game, so it’s essential to work together to achieve your goals. Stick together and support each other to maximize your chances of success.

Pick the right legend: Each legend in Apex Legends has its own unique abilities and playstyle. Make sure to choose a legend that complements your team’s strategy and your own playstyle.

Learn the maps: Knowing the terrain and layout of each map is crucial in Apex Legends. Take the time to explore each map and learn where the high-value loot spawns and the best places to set up camp.

Practice, practice, practice: The more you play Apex Legends, the better you’ll get. Practice your aim, movement, and strategy to improve your gameplay and climb the ranks.

The ranked mode in Apex Legends is a competitive and challenging way to play the game. With the introduction of split maps in Season 16, players will have to adapt to new terrain and gameplay mechanics to climb the ranks. By communicating with their team, playing as a team, picking the right legend, learning the maps, and practicing, players can improve their gameplay and succeed in the ranked mode.

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