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41 Replies to “Arcane: Animated Series | Riot Games”

looking forward to season 2!!!!
looking forward to season 2!!!!
looking forward to season 2!!!!
looking forward to season 2!!!!
looking forward to season 2!!!!

Now months after watching arcane over and over again, im realizing one little thing… What happened to the guy from 1:09? Was that like a early concept of Vander they didnt like anymore and changed then? Or some unimportant character that was cut because of relevance? Who was he and why did he go?

This tv-show so good that I rewatched it three times in a row (in russian, french and original english version) this week and I didn't get bored even for a single moment.

This weekend I'm watching it. Hope I'm not let down.i don't enjoy the game much… but I love their style of portraying the music and stories. Their animation is top notch. And they may have a space in my heart… darn the spoilers about powder.

Eh I can't be to mad besides a name they told us a good story back in the day… but to get to actually keep revealing bits with music(that's nuts).

Keep up the great work. Also thanks for arcane(saying before watching. If there is an edit… than either I was pleased more than I expected, or I was upset… (spoilers hinting) probably about one or a few characters plots.

Still looking forward to it!

I only watched the show because of a friend's recommendation, I knew nothing about lol or the lore before. It's one of the best shows I've ever seen and I'll forever be grateful I gave it a chance. What a masterpiece, can't wait for season 2!!

Thank You Fortiche and Riot Games for creating such a profound Masterpiece! Arcane is literally altering my life in unspeakable ways.

But wait who is the mysterious guy is the big top hat?? WTF I've never seen him before, he never made into the final show did he!?
He appears in 1:07, 1:26 and 1:30

Scenes from Season 2 i assume?

Possibly the guy that kills his friend Ajuna. from the comic they released for ekko's backstory. I think it was called Lullaby??? Where Ekko can;t save his friend, no matter how many times he rewinds time. Even going as far as chasing down the "Piltie" that shot his friend and beating him. In the end he uses his last chronobreak to be with Ajuna in his last moments. This could be a decent arc in one of the acts of season 2.

I've just watched it 'til the last ep. It's just amazing… there's so much detail you have to care about and I'm an overthinker so I have a headache of thinking too much. Non of the characters are bad and you just can't blame them.. and your mind starts blowing away when you see the story from each perspective of the characters… I don't know what I'm gonna do when season 2 comes out.. if it's gonna play my emotions again I don't know how to handle it but that's why it makes this series amazing.. you just have to love all the characters and accept their faith and the path that they are in.. I'm so happy that I watched it because it taught me so many things and also it has my favorite things in it… There's so much words that I want to say but "Breath"
If you want to watch "Arcane" and feel what is it like to be them! please care about the details and pay attention to different perspectives and live their heart's gonna broke but it's an amazing experience..

Fast forward to recently and the show is an absolute masterpiece! It’s easily one of my favorite shows of all time and I can’t wait for season 2. Everything this show does just hits it out of the park into another country. The voice acting, the animation, the art style, the MUSIC.

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