ASHE is OP | Overwatch2

ASHE is OP | Overwatch2
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40 Replies to “ASHE is OP | Overwatch2”

Ashe is one of those heroes in Overwatch 2 that wasn't nerfed into the ground (Like doomfist) and because she wasn't nerfed too much, she's still a good hero

I have played her since ow1 and recently stopped playing her because I find if I am still hitting my shots them Widow is better, but also sometimes I just need to go Reaper or Sojourn because they are very Meta right now and I would rather play Meta in comp them play who I think is fun. Also most people know you can shoot the dynamite, but I sometimes like to throw it at a choke as a disincentive since the enemies can't detonate it and it will just sit there and block the path for a few seconds.

I don't know how to give this feedback in a better way:

I don't like that you're cutting everything other than you landing shots and killing the enemy. I wanna see the whole match, not just moments that feel good.

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