Best description of LoL Players


League of Champion – Assassin Lee-Sin.

A master of Ionia’s ancient martial arts, Lee Sin is a principled fighter who channels the essence of the dragon spirit to face any challenge. Though he lost his sight many years ago, the warrior-monk has devoted his life to protecting his homeland against any who would dare upset its sacred balance. Enemies who underestimate his meditative demeanor will endure his fabled burning fists and blazing roundhouse kicks.

League of Legends Teams – Pain Gaming.

Another newcomer to the Dota universe. The franchise is known from other titles, for example: LoL, Vainglory, Clash Royale and Overwatch. So now paiN Gaming wants to gain a foothold in #Valve’s MOBA masterpiece. The team made a playful rocket launch and left analysts in awe. The team took third place de novo at ESL One Birmingham 2018 and second place at WESG 2017.

League of Legends Skins-Lunar Revel.

The Chinese New Year begins on Tuesday, 01.02.2022. This year is the Year of the Tiger. Why should this interest you? Well, maybe because basically positive open-mindedness towards other cultures is always a good character trait. Or also because there are cool skins in League for it.

League of Legends Guides- Strongest Junglers.

In the upcoming patch 11.2 update, the power of many Jungle champions will be reduced. So play these LoL-Champs rather in the current patch – before the nerfs…Before you go: This tier list might also be useful for our upcoming EarlyGame 1-vs-1 tournament – pick the best champs, show your skills and earn a chunk of the prize money!

LoL League of Legends – Patch 10.21: Will Aphelios OP be buffed?.

We’ve already given you a small snippet of what’s coming with LoL Patch 10.21. Today we have some more specific numbers. So what and who will Riot Games be patching?Sure, the current info on the upcoming LoL Patch Notes 10.21 is not yet set in stone and everything can change within a week, but here comes everything we already know about it:

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League became terrible to play in soloQ

Shutdowns meta weakens carry
Bounty all over the place for performing poorly
anti carry meta with champ like sejuani or amumu that can cc lock you for 5 secs

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