BEST Level 1 Wards for Invades & Info

Find out the best level 1 spots in this video! Vision is the best way to win, and this way you’ll be able to set yourself for success. Once you see how these wards change your gameplay, you’ll only use them!

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League of Champion – Assassin Nocturne.

A demonic amalgamation drawn from the nightmares that haunt every sentient mind, the thing known as Nocturne has become a primordial force of pure terror. It is liquidly chaotic in aspect, a faceless shadow with cold eyes and armed with wicked-looking blades. After freeing itself from the spirit realm, Nocturne now continually descends upon the waking world, to feed on the kind of fear that can only thrive in true darkness.

Teams – Upstairs.

There have been many rumors about Team OG in the recent past. Apparently the opinions about the course of the tournament and success differ greatly. For the year 2018, the team could not show any notable successes and many bad followers speak more of a surprise qualification. Nevertheless, the team does not look at an empty medal wall in the living room, as they won the Kiev Major in 2017. Furthermore, the team was able to pocket money and titles at the Manila Major 2016,./p>

League of Legends – Skins- Astronaut Maokai.

After the latest League of Legends patch came out today, we can already admire the changes of the next patch on the PBE. In LoL Patch 11.13, players will get several new skins that are extraterrestrially good – get it? Because of astronauts? There’s also a Tahm Kench mini rework.

League of Legends Guides- Hextech Rocketbelt.

Do you like AP champions with damage? Then get Rocketbelt and let’s go! You don’t always need AD comps to maul enemies with items like Eclipse, Duskblade, or Prowler’s Claw. No, you can do the same with the Hextech Rocketbelt… if you are know-how. But that’s what we are here for today.

LoL League of Legends – Patch Notes 10.18 – All Buffs and Nerfs!.

League of Legends is heading towards the Worlds and Riot Games is putting the final touches on the meta – everything has to be fancy for the big event. In order to make the champion pool as large as possible, Riot Games has especially improved less played champs like Rumble, Twitch and Xin Zhao in patch 10.18. Many frequently picked champs, especially in the LEC/LCS, such as Sett and Ashe, have had to take a few cuts in return.

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