Best Melee, Casters & Healers Wrath – TIER

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40 Replies to “Best Melee, Casters & Healers Wrath – TIER”

Everyone is talking about shadowmourne once icc drops, but people forget just how long it takes to farm out all those endless shards, it's going to take a very long time to obtain. Nevertheless, I'm still not looking forward to dealing with that again

wow, so weird, that frost presence was the tank presence to mitigate melee dmg, if devs would have continue this design frost dk would be the dedicated tank spec. This is another wrath, only thing. 😀

Where is my feral guys? 😮 I always though it's solid S tier, disc/feral was completely unbeatable if played by good players, they just have answer for everything. Anyways great vid, keep going

BM Hunter over Frost Mage?????? Logic being that Frost Mage might be too difficult for the average player to main at a decent level, I guess? I'm really scratching my head here.

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