BIG vs. Eintracht Spandau – Berlin Derby

Eintracht Spandau brings a breath of fresh air to the Strauss Prime League. Together with BIG, the team breaks the league’s attendance records.The clash between Eintracht Spandau and BIG in League of is currently breaking all viewer records in the Strauss Prime League. Also on Tuesday, countless fans watched the rematch of the two teams.

A match between Eintracht Spandau and BIG has become a real highlight for the Prime League. In the first half of the – Season , the Berlin derby broke the attendance record of the German LoL League. Around 60,000 fans watched the first-ever clash between the two teams. The Strauss Prime League also benefited from the popularity of the two teams in the second round.

On Tuesday, almost 28,000 spectators:inside watched the Berlin derby between Eintracht Spandau and BIG. Especially the newly founded team around the YouTuber Maximilian “HandOfBlood” Knabe attracts a lot of attention and creates a real hype. However, BIG also plays a central role in this. The staged hostility between the teams electrifies numerous fans.

It’s not just within the Summoner’s Rift that the two teams have clashed. On Twitter, the two esports teams regularly exchange blows. This has even led to fisticuffs between the self-proclaimed president Knabe and BIG manager Christian Lenz. Even before the latest Berlin derby, there was once again a Clash of the two teams.

The Strauss Prime League in particular is benefiting from the ongoing dispute between Eintracht Spandau and BIG as well as from all the hype. Not only are the viewer numbers for the direct duels between the two teams huge, but they also average 10,000 viewers or more for other games and have increased noticeably compared to last year.


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