Biggest German Twitch streamer founds club

Twitch streamer Elias “eliasn97” Nerlich (24) not only founded an e-sports team, but also his own soccer team called Delay Sports Berlin. The team has now played its first two matches and emerged victorious.

Who is the streamer? Elias Nerlich is currently the biggest German streamer on Twitch. After 4 years he has finally overtaken the star streamer MontanaBlack.

The 24-year-old has always had a penchant for soccer, but it was never enough for a professional career. He also suffered a serious leg injury, which further prevented him from becoming a real footballer.

Nerlich played FIFA regularly instead, and was even a professional e-sports player for Hertha BSC for about 3 years until 2021, when he fully dedicated himself to his Twitch career. This year, in November, eliasn97 also founded the Delay Sports Berlin soccer club. This now faces its first games in the district league.

District league C beats district leagues B and A

What were those games? Delay Sports Berlin competed in their very first match in a friendly against B-Ligist Concordia Wilhelmsruh (via YouTube). Nerlich’s team dominated the game and drove the match home with a 5:1 score. What’s more, the streamer’s video directly reached – No. 4 in the trends, garnering 500,000 views in less than 24 hours.

The 2nd match took place directly one day later and they had to face the A-league team Türkiyemspor in a test match. They took a relatively early lead in the match and scored a 2:0. After that, it ran for a long time mixed for Delay Sports Berlin and they had to concede 2 goals.

Due to a foul in the 86th minute, there was a free kick for Nerlich’s team and they were able to score a 3:2 with the subsequent goal. Thus, the club got the next victory against a group that is even 2 leagues above them.

Just for fun, but still successful

“The idea of this project is to create our own soccer club – that’s what we did. To play with his buddies and have fun – that’s our idea behind it,” expressed eliasn97 in his YouTube video.

Nevertheless, the team has been pretty successful on the road so far:

  • Won 2 games in a row
  • Soon 100,000 followers more on Instagram than the official Hertha BSC
  • Large squad of more than 30 people

The team also features former footballers such as Sidney Friede, Bilal Kamarieh and Kevin Pannewitz. However, both Friede and Nerlich themselves were not present for the first two games.

Friede is expected to join and eliasn97 is still struggling with his leg injury, which became acute again after he re-injured himself in the 1st game. The 24-year-old is now considering having another operation because the bone in his fibula did not heal properly. More Influencer News: YouTuber HandOfBlood takes on crazy challenge – half-naked with rubber mallet in a cauldron

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