Binks Defends Global Esports Against Detractors

Global (GE) has been facing backlash from its Indian followers lately. This is due to their completely international lineup competing in the ongoing : Pacific League.

The organization had no option but to field an all-international team since their Indian duo, Ganesh “” Gangadhar and Abhirup “” Choudhury, faced visa issues. This did not bode well with their regional supporters, particularly those from India.

Mithul “” Nayak, a celebrated Valorant streamer, attempted to reason with the detractors during a recent livestream.

During his livestream, Binks countered the detractors by posing a hypothetical situation. If GE created an Indian roster and proceeded to lose on the international stage, would the critics come forward to bear the brunt of the backlash received by the team?

Binks further elucidated that, even without Indian players in the playing five, the international players represent an Indian team on a global stage, which is good for a budding region.

Binks cited MLT Esports as another instance where a Bangladeshi esports organization had an Indian roster competing in the VCL 2023: South Asia Split 1.

“To compete on an international stage, teams require players of that caliber. It’s that simple. When it comes to the world level, one has to consider a hundred things,” says Binks, “If foreign players have no qualms in representing an Indian organization, why is there contention? That’s my question.”

So far, GE has played three matches in this league, with their main five being represented by international players. Unfortunately, they have yet to clinch a victory, heading into the fourth week to face .

It remains to be seen which lineup they will field now that both Indian players have joined their ranks in South Korea.

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