Always consider whether it is a good decision for you to accept a casino bonus

Although casino bonuses may sound very tempting because it gives you more money to play with, accepting them is not always the best decision. There are always regulations and rules that you need to follow when playing with bonus money. This can also be very restrictive for you in the end, and in many cases it turns out to be very difficult to actually cash out the winnings after accepting a certain bonus. We believe that sometimes players are better off playing without a bonus than with a bonus, no matter how promising.


Here are some examples of rules to follow that are often associated with bonus play:

The turnover requirements – you have to play with bonus money and wager a set amount before you can cash out the winnings you have won from the bonus game as well. These conditions are generally so high that you will most likely lose everything in the game before you will meet them. This, of course, is what casinos rely on because they want to remain profitable.

Maximum Turnover – Even if you meet the turnover requirements, there may be a “maximum turnover” rule that limits that value you can actually win from a bonus. This rule is most often applied to bonuses with no mandatory deposit. In this case, we understand and tolerate its use. However, we are strictly against applying the “Maximum Turnover” rule together with the bonus without mandatory deposit (at least some of them, depending on other bonus conditions).

“Maximum Wager” – When playing with bonus money, you can only place certain wagers, and not all that you might want to wager. You must always adhere to the maximum bet amount and never place bets that are higher than allowed.

“Restricted/Prohibited Games ” – You will also not be able to play all the games that you might want to play as well. Some games they will not be allowed to play and you must always stay away from them when playing with bonus money.

However, we are certainly not saying that casino bonuses are always bad. Because that would simply not be true to the facts. We just want you to be aware of any conditions that may exist that could apply to a particular bonus before you decide which choice to make or not.