Boycott of Apex Legends fails grandiosely

Under #NoApexAugust, some players planned a boycott of the game Apex and wanted as few as possible to play the game in August. Now exactly the opposite happened: reached its highest player count so far on Steam.

Recently, we already reported about the #NoApexAugust boycott and how the player numbers on Steam had even increased in the last few days.

Now the game reached a new milestone in the boycott month: Apex Legends has more players on Steam than ever before.

What should the boycott look like? The #NoApexAugust hashtag was about the boycott of the Apex Legends game (via reddit). The hashtag made the rounds especially on the Reddit and Twitter platforms.

What was the boycott about? If you look at the reddit posts under the motto #noapexaugust, the participants mainly demand technical fixes and the elimination of bugs. Users also complain about features that, in their opinion, need improvement, such as matchmaking in the game (via reddit).

How does Twitter react to the milestone in NoApexAugust?E-sports journalist Jake Lucky published in a post about the Apex Legends milestone, “Last month, ‘No Apex August’ was the talk of the town as streamers and developers contemplated not playing the game. Apex Legends has now reached its highest player count ever on Steam.”

Below that, Jake Lucky shows a screenshot with the Apex Legends stream charts (via Twitter).

What is the current status of Apex on Steam? On there is a ranking of the top games, which is created based on the current player numbers.

Apex is in 3rd place behind CS:GO and . At the time of writing, there were just 295,550 players playing Apex Legends and the peak was 510,286.

This means that the numbers have grown in contrast to the last article on #NoApexAugust and the game has moved up one place in the ranking of top games (via

Also, you can see on the website that the peak of 510,286 players is the largest so far. (via

What does the Twitter community have to say about this? Under Jake Lucky’s post, users write comments like:

  • @exocs_: “Apex players forget they have a crippling addiction to the game”
  • @lowkeydbjosh:”‘Ded game. No 1 play.’ I really hate it when ppl [Leute] comment on “ded game” [Totes Spiel], because it’s obviously not a dead game if it lives rent-free in her head”
  • @docx2gamer: “Boycotts like this never work so companies will never change their bad practices”.

Some are frustrated that the boycott didn’t work, others make fun of the attempt or saw the boycott as doomed from the start.

New – Season at Apex Legends hits the ground running

Why are so many people playing Apex Legends right now? On August 9, 2022, the 14th – Season started under the theme “Hunted” with new content, such as the redesigned King’s Gorge or the new Legend Vantage.

With the new – Season , there were also some changes and fixes in the game. For example, one big change was the increase of the level cap in the game.

In the comments under Jake Lucky’s tweet, some users wrote that many of the problems in the game that were called for boycotting were fixed by the latest update and that the new – Season was fun to play.

However, it is impossible to say exactly what the increase in player numbers was ultimately due to. Maybe it was the great attention around the game during the boycott, the new – Season , or just coincidence that a milestone in the game was reached exactly in August.

What do you think about the milestone in Apex Legends during the boycott? Feel free to write it in the comments.


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