Burn It All Down – Besomorph Remix


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Burn It All Down (Besomorph Remix)
Remix produced by: Besomorph
Featured artist:
Original track written by: Music Team and Alex Seaver of Mako
Original track produced by: Riot Games Music Team


Champion – Assassin Leblanc.


Mysterious even to other members of the Black Rose cabal, LeBlanc is but one of many names for a pale woman who has manipulated people and events since the earliest days of Noxus. Using her magic to mirror herself, the sorceress can appear to anyone, anywhere, and even be in many places at once. Always plotting just out of sight, LeBlanc’s true motives are as inscrutable as her shifting identity.


League of Teams – Upstairs.


There have been many rumors about Team OG in the recent past. Apparently the opinions about the course of the tournament and success differ greatly. For the year 2018, the team could not show any notable successes and many bad followers speak more of a surprise qualification. Nevertheless, the team does not look at an empty medal wall in the living room, as they won the Kiev Major in 2017. Furthermore, the team was able to pocket money and titles at the Manila Major 2016,./p>

League of Legends Skins-leaked.


Actually, hardly a day goes by without news about League of Legends skins. Sometimes they come from Riot Games themselves, but often enough we hear from data miners and leakers about skins or entire skin series that will be coming to the game soon.


League of Legends Guides- Annie.


It’s Annie’s turn in the Champion Guide. In our League of Legends Champion Guide series, we introduce you to the most important mechanics of all League of Legends Champions. We show you gameplay, runes, items and generally everything there is to know about these champions.


LoL League of Legends – Is Yone getting all the attention from Riot Games?.


At the moment, Riot Games is really flooding us with new content and especially champions. Lillia has already been released, Yone is coming on August 4th and with patch 10.17 Samira will join the League as a new ADC. But somehow everyone is just talking about the rooster in the basket. Riot Games, what about the girls?




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Thank you Besomorph, thank you Riot. I really didn't expect that requets to be approved. When I heard this song during World Championship 2021 I was shocked. Still listening it nowadays ♥

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