Chamber Is Officially Dying?

Is Officially Dying & WTH Is This Tournament? Thank you to Man’s # for uploading this video

##Valorant #& # #Chamber #Dying


All #Valorant agents and abilities of the confirmed so far.


At the beginning of March, the Californians from #RiotGames presented their new first-person shooter, #Valorant. So far, eight characters, the so-called agents, have been confirmed. We introduce you to the characters and their special abilities.


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#Valorant Silvanus skins leaked.


Silvanus is the name of the new #Valorant skin bundle that was revealed yesterday by the well-known data miner #Valorant Leaks on Twitter. The patch notes were also leaked on the same account, so the source is quite trustworthy.


25 #Valorant tips for beginners and professionals!.


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Patch Notes – #Valorant Weapon : Bucky.


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#Valorant is a free-to-play multiplayer first-person shooter developed by #RiotGames. It is the first developed by #RiotGames in this genre. The game was first announced in October 2019 with the code-name Project A. It was released for Windows on June 2, 2020. It was originally scheduled for release in the summer of 2020. A closed beta launched back on April 7, 2020, and participation for the closed beta was done by sending game-keys for watching live streams of the game on the video platform Twitch (so-called “Twitch Drops”). The Twitch account had to be connected to the #RiotGames account for this. #Valorant left the beta phase on June 2, 2020.


37 Replies to “Chamber Is Officially Dying?”

In League is like that and there is a big sience behind pick orders and counters. There is some agreed drafts that pros and coaches use but they must be at all times open for discussion and criticism

This is the same draft pick system from league which definitely make the game more interesting and more competitive.
I think the game need to reach a higher amount of agents before it can fully implement this system + the ban/pick system

1:20 It has been discussed, even mentioned in one of your earlier videos, that VCT may do something like this pick and ban like League of Legends when the agent pool is big enough.

First picks on each map:

I think you would always decide the role which has the least variety on each map. I think on Icebox and Breeze Viper is a must-pick. Overall I think the smoker role is the one you have the least variety with. So on Fracture I pick Brim . On Haven I would go with Killjoy because IMO she is by far the best Sentinel on the map now. In the other roles you have more than one option which is really strong. On Pearl I say you go with Kay/o . A: Because you'll see more Killjoys and Cyphers, just knife them and bam no util. And B: He is super strong overall. On Ascent you have to be careful because some teams want to play 3 Initiators so maybe pick Initiator – My choice Fade or Sova ; depends on what your team prefers. Just so the other team doesn't pick them both. You could also find reasons for Killjoy but I personally think Ascent is one of the maps you can still play Chamber + I like Cypher on Ascent. Bind I think you for sure pick Raze , because if your enemy team doesn't have nates it is so much easier to defend the site. And Split I can't say because I don't know the new Design.


(Something I wanted to add:

I hope for the future of Valorant E-Sport they add the same or a similar system they have in League of Legends where you can pick 5 agents and then also ban 5 agents. I think it would be so much more entertaining for the viewers because you don't always see the same 5 to 7 agents on each map. Maybe make it so each team can ban one agent for the other team. So if you know your enemys love to play a certain agent on a certain map you just ban it. Therefore team would be forced to come up with a different strategy and ways to play. IMO this would add so much more diversity to the game.)

League of legends also started with just blind pick
I think valorant might adopt this format more if theres enough agents
I think when theres like 30 agents they might implement it even in vct

bind- raze
breeze- viper
pearl- viper
ascent- killjoy
haven- omen
fracture- chamber
icebox- sage
split- idk havent played it in comp since i was iron

I'm gold 1 for reference lmfao

First pick for maps
Breeze – cypher ("permanent" reliable map info)
Ascent – sova (preferance over fade, mainly for drone over prowlers)
Bind – viper (but tbh could be your fav initiator)
Icebox – sage (makes both sites viable lol)
Haven – kj (buffed lockdown)
Pearl – Jett (op for b – could be chamber also)
Fracture – brim (stimmy stan)

Bind: Raze
Breeze or ascent: Sova
Pearl: hmmmm dunno lol maybe Viper
Split: Raze
Fracture: Breach
Haven: Jett I think. Or Cypher: you have to have flank control!
Icebox: Viper

I think I’m missing a map lol

For your question:
Ascent – Kay/O
Bind – Skye (over Raze yes)
Breeze – Sova
Fracture – Breach
Haven – Omen (Breach can be essential too but Haven favours many comps)
Icebox – No one
Pearl – No one
Split – Cypher

Hi Chris! I was wondering if you had watched the TSM vs NFLIO game in the FREEZEOUT tournament. I know youre a Harbor fan (as am I) but in the Icebox game TSM got completely outplayed in terms of utility usage because they played Harbor instead of Viper (I understand that it wasnt possible to pick Viper due to the tournaments rules). Would love to hear your thought on this game. Link to stream (game begins at 03:02:06):

I wonder if they will have drafted Tourneys and undrafted tourneys, cause undrafted is still sorta entertaining and more like professional and all that, while drafted is like super interesting and has a lot of different things that happen

To all the people saying this should be implemented only when there's a much bigger pool: I disagree.
In valorant, unlike Mobas like league, an agent is still mostly valued by their person with a gun. There's not going to be that much variety and uniqueness.
Smoke, flash, teleport, stun, molly, reveal, trap. All in single use with roughly equal duration, damage and speed. 2 basics, one recharges, one ult after 6-8 points.
Once there's 40 agents, banning or restrictive picking does nothing.

i love the pick phase format from this tournament! it is interesting how meta will develop especially for VCT but it can be implemented if there's more agents in the game

I mean the chamber nerfs are good an all but nerfing an agent so hard that it gets killed off in both pro play as well as ranked is just not justified in my eyes. Same happened with astra. Why do they release agents that are so powerful just to kill them off in next patches? Its justified for the players who learn to play those agents just for them to be liabilities if picked lol. No am not a chamber main.

These are my opinions of the strongest or most essential agents for each map:

Ascent – KJ
Bind – Raze
Haven – Omen
Breeze – Viper
Icebox – Viper
Fracture – Breach
Split – Sage
Pearl – None/Viper

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