CLIMBING the RANKS with DOOMFIST | Overwatch 2

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CLIMBING the RANKS with | #
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Player Transfers
– Week 23: Skadoodle Completes T1 # Roster

Every Tuesday night we bring you the latest player transfers from the world of Esports. After its official release, #Valorant is getting more and more traffic from the Esports scene, especially ##CSGO is losing a lot of players.

# Heroes – Baptiste

Baptiste uses a range of experimental weapons and equipment to keep allies alive and neutralize threats on the battlefield. As a battle-hardened field medic, he is not only trained in caring for the wounded, but can also effectively engage enemies.

#Overwatch: Nepal – Map Guide

The three points to control in Nepal could hardly be more different and all need their own strategy. In our #Overwatch Guide to Nepal, we explain the map to you and tell you where things keep popping up and what you have to watch out for.

#Valorant comes without controversial feature

With the competitive tactical shooter #Valorant, developer #RiotGames is based entirely on the #LeagueofLegends model. Accordingly, the action title manages without a controversial feature, which is common practice in many other Free2Play games.


This nerve-wracking in-game event gives you the opportunity to add spooky new extras to your collection and relive the chilling story of Junkenstein’s Revenge in our limited-time PvE Brawl – with a few new surprises. In the shocking challenges of Junkenstein’s Revenge, you can expect devilish variations on Dr. Junkenstein’s nasty plans.

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#Overwatch is a multiplayer first-person shooter from the US game developer #Blizzard Entertainment. The game is set in #Blizzard’s fourth fantasy universe after Warcraft, #StarCraft and Diablo. #Overwatch was released in May 2016 for Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. Since then, bug fixes (patches) and updates have been released at regular intervals. A version for Nintendo Switch has been available since October 15, 2019. In #Overwatch, two teams of six players each compete against each other. Both teams fight for control of a given location or escort a cargo on the playing field within a given period of time.

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Hey I hope you are doing alright punch. I just wanted to tell you that your videos really do make my days better in particular this week because I'm extremely sick. So honestly thank you for bringing a smile on my face.

I otp doom, I did so I season 1 as well, my chat says it’s recording my vc to confirm suspicions of abusive behavior. I don’t use vc…

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