Co-op Commander: Mengsk

As the leader of the Sons of Korhal, Arcturus brought about the destruction of the Confederacy and went on to hold the Terran Dominion within his cold-hearted grasp. As a , Mengsk radiates an intimidating, tyrannical atmosphere to enforce his will with total impunity.

Heroes – Nova

November Terra, the genius “Nova”, has made a great addition to the Kind of a beautiful family in Tarson. There is no doubt that there is a great deal of potential, there is no such thing as an elite, there is no such thing as sensible or “empathizers”, there is no such thing as a hoax. Nova selbst.

Planets StarCraft – Aiur

Aiur has witnessed the ups and downs of history – from the primitive origins of the psi race to accelerated evolution at the hands of the mysterious Xel’Naga. The Xel’Naga abandoned Aiur due to growing strife among the Protoss, which eventually led to the destruction of their primary telepathic link.

StarCraft Units – Overlord

The semi-intelligent space-faring giants, known as the Gargantis Proximae, were introduced into the swarm so that their exceptionally well-developed senses would benefit warriors in battle. The Gargantis flyers have been so well assimilated by the swarm that the Cerebrates use them as a primary control over their forces.

StarCraft Missions – Evolution of the Hydralisk

Overnight, the apocalypse befalls the Terran colonies: 2 alien races invade the sector, seemingly destroying everything in their path. But the real reason is far more gigantic than first assumed.

StarCraft Buildings – Templar Archives

The Templar Archives is a structure on the Protoss Technology Tree that unlocks the High Templar spell caster unit and the Psionic Storm upgrade. The Templar Archives requires a Twilight Council before it can be warped in.

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StarCraft is a real-time strategy game developed by and released in 1998. In the same year, the only official expansion, StarCraft: Brood War, was released, which continues the story of the basic game and includes new game contents. In 2000, the game, including the expansion, was adapted by Mass Media and Nintendo for the Nintendo 64 gaming platform. With more than 9.5 million copies sold, StarCraft was the best-selling real-time strategy game in August 2007. On April 19, 2017, StarCraft was released for free, including the Brood War expansion and some customization’s.

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You spent 3 entire games building up Valerian as an interesting and fantastic character to represent the Dominion, only to shun him for a dead Tyrant cameo in Co-Op. Shame on you Blizzard. Shame.

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