Co-op Commander Preview: Han and Horner

Our next Co-op commander is the odd-couple Mira Han and Matt Horner. These two combine the explosive power of reckless mercenaries with the precision of the Dominion air fleet to dominate the battlefield.


StarCraft Heroes – Jim Raynor.


Jim Raynor was born on Mar Sara and raised by his grandfather, who taught him much about hunting and shooting. As he grew older he fought in the unit ‘Heaven’s Devils’ against the Kel-Moria Combine, but was withdrawn for insubordination and met Tychus Findlay at Camp McIntyre, who would later serve him faithfully.

Planets StarCraft – Phaeton.

The harsh deserts on Phaeton are extremely hostile to life. Although the planet has breathable amounts of oxygen, there are almost no deposits of minerals or drinking water. Phaeton’s location at a great distance from the centers of the and civilizations makes it even less attractive for settlement.

StarCraft Units – Hellion.

A fast expansion-raiding unit and anti-Melee unit when transformed into Hellbats. With a line of effect attack, the same range as a Marine’s attack, Hellions excel at fighting in Choke Points on maps. With a very slow cooldown on attack and fast movement speed, this unit requires a lot of attention and micro-management to be effective due to its nonexistent armor and low health.

StarCraft Missions – Completely Screwed.

Description: Those of Moebius want us to retrieve another artifact from a dead planet called Xil. Apparently they sent their team of specialists there – but lost contact two days ago. Bad luck I would say. We’ll get a hazard surcharge for the mission for that.

StarCraft Buildings – Spore Crawler.

The Spore Crawler is a base anti-air static defense structure, which deals 15 points of damage to air units and has the ability to detect cloaked units. Although similar to the Spore Colony, the Spore Crawler has the distinct ability to Uproot itself and Root in a new location, giving it very good mobility and a more flexible use.

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StarCraft is a real-time strategy game developed by Entertainment and released in 1998. In the same year, the only official expansion, StarCraft: BroodWar, was released, which continues the story of the basic game and includes new game contents. In 2000, the game, including the expansion, was adapted by Mass Media and Nintendo for the Nintendo 64 gaming platform. With more than 9.5 million copies sold, StarCraft was the best-selling real-time strategy game in August 2007. On April 19, 2017, StarCraft was released for free, including the BroodWar expansion and some customization’s.

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I don’t know why, but I’ve watched this preview like 5 times, and only now I was able to understand what Han said when Mira told him she was going to support him with her mercenaries

Horner is now the commander of the dominion army lead by Valerian.
I can’t imagine the reactions when people learns that he is married to a mercenary with death sentence in 12 systems.

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