Co-op Commander: Stetmann

This new Co-op commander version of Stetmann follows up on his Mist Opportunities mission incarnation where he is a castaway, marooned on a foreign planet, struggling to survive on the resources provided by the planet. Quite a while has passed and Stetmann has not only survived but thrived. Not only has he built an army to defend his beloved Bel’Shir, but a best friend to keep him company with lively conversation as well.


StarCraft Heroes – Izsha

The being known as “Izsha” was one of the Queen’s truly unique creations, infusing the swarm’s collective consciousness with traits such as episodic memory. However, since “her” functions were more suited to hive organization than warfare, Izsha remained largely hidden from Zerg enemies.

Planets StarCraft – Mar Sara

Mar Sara was the eighth colony world settled by the former Terran Confederation. Although the planet is rather desolate and remote, its mining industry was once considered a key strategic resource. He was overrun by the Zerg and later cremated by the Protoss. Intrepid Terrans terraformed the planet and recolonized it in 2502.

StarCraft Units – Infestor

The Infestor is an offensive spellcaster, meaning that its abilities are used to harm enemy units rather than support the player’s units. It can be built after the Zerg player has an Infestation Pit. The Infestor has three abilities: Neural Parasite, Fungal Growth, and Infested Terran. Infestors can move while burrowed as long as Burrow has been researched.

StarCraft Missions – Back In The Saddle

This mission is self-sufficient in itself, since you can find HP in all important locations and you can use Kerrigan’s abilities whenever they are available. Once you can hit 3 or more enemies with Crushing Grip, you should do so. If you have medics against you, then you should kill them first.

StarCraft Buildings – Greater Spire

The Greater Spire is one of two Zerg Tech Tree buildings that are available after the completion of Hive. After Hive is completed, a Zerg player may choose to upgrade their Spire to a Greater Spire. After the Greater Spire is done, the Zerg player has the ability to create the Brood Lord from a Corruptor.

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StarCraft is a real-time strategy game developed by Blizzard Entertainment and released in 1998. In the same year, the only official expansion, StarCraft: Brood War, was released, which continues the story of the basic game and includes new game contents. In 2000, the game, including the expansion, was adapted by Mass Media and Nintendo for the Nintendo 64 gaming platform. With more than 9.5 million copies sold, StarCraft was the best-selling real-time strategy game in August 2007. On April 19, 2017, StarCraft was released for free, including the Brood War expansion and some customization’s.

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All so nice until you learn that truly, there is only one Stetelite configuration – Large Arsonist Gusts, L.A.G. It is able to overload CPUs and make gameplay very unenjoyable.

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