Cross-faction friendships in Dragonflight

Friendships between humans and orcs have been difficult to imagine on Azeroth until recently – apart from the relationship between Jaina and Thrall. But that will change with WoW: Dragonflight, as a small side quest series between well-known characters from the Isle of the Banished shows.

Do you remember Captain Garrick and her son, Henry, as well as Warlord Breka Grimmaxt and her daughter Shuja? You could meet all four of them on the Isle of the Banished in WoW, depending on which faction you joined. However, the events on the island seem to have made a lasting impression on the NPCs, because as we learn in the alpha of the next WoW expansion Dragonflight, a cross-faction friendship is apparently forming between them.

ATTENTION: There are slight story spoilers for Dragonflight!

The common fight against the scourge welds together

Those who have access to Dragonflight’s Alpha can meet Captain Garrick or Beka Grimmaxt with their offspring in the first area of the Dragon Isles, namely on the Coast of Awakening, depending on their faction affiliation. Attentive players can learn that Grimmaxt and Garrick became friends after their fight against the Scourge on the Isle of the Banished during a small side quest series.

Grimmaxt asks Horde players to report to Garrick, while Garrick does the reverse for Alliance members. Both make an effort in dialogues to teach their children how to deal with the other faction. Grimaxe explains to Shuja how to greet an Alliance member, for example (dialogue translated by us):

  • Grimmaxt: It’s a good thing to expand your skills, Shuja. Not every problem can be solved with an axe.
  • Shuja: Yes, mother. For the horde! … I mean, for the… Expedition?
  • Shuja: Aka’Magosh, .
  • Grimmaxt: And may the light be with you, .
  • Shuja: Oh, yes. May the light be with you, .

Meanwhile, Garrick teaches her son the orc language (dialogue translated by us):

  • Garrick: Not bad, Private Garrick. Keep practicing your orcish. It will come in handy on this task.
  • Henry: Yes, Mother — I mean, Captain Garrick.
  • Garrick: Wish our comrade luck, Private Garrick.
  • Henry: [Orcisch] B-b-blood and thunder, friend.

Later, all four NPCs want to meet for a drink:

  • Garrick: Tell Grimmaxt that the first round is on me, once we both get through our shift.
  • Henry: You want to have a drink with an Orc?
  • Garrick: I will and I have, Private Garrick. And tonight, so will you.
  • Henry: Y-yes, Captain.


  • Grimmaxt: Tell Captain Garrick that the first round is on me as soon as we both finish our shift.
  • Shuja: We’re sharing a table…. With the humans?
  • Grimmaxt: Of course! How will you share a battlefield with them if you can’t share a meal?
  • Shuja: I hadn’t even thought of it that way….

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With the friendship of the two NPCs, the developers take into account the partial removal of the restrictions due to faction borders when playing together. We want to know what you think about this and what you hope for cross-faction play in the future. Write it down in the comments!

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