CVCC’s Patterson Signs With Cumberland University for Esports

In an exciting development for the Catawba Valley Community College () program, Bailey Patterson has officially signed with Cumberland University, becoming the second student athlete to secure a spot at a four-year college or university this academic year.

Patterson’s decision to compete at the four-year level, particularly with Cumberland, has been a tremendous source of inspiration for the young athlete, driving him to push his limits both in the classroom and in competitive gaming. Recognizing the invaluable support he received from CVCC and everyone associated with the Red Hawk Esports program, Patterson expressed his gratitude, acknowledging that his journey would not have been possible without their guidance and assistance.

During the spring season, Patterson served as the in-game leader (IGL) for the Red Hawks’ premier roster, leading the team to an impressive 8-2 overall record and securing a spot in the national final four. His exceptional leadership skills and strategic acumen were evident throughout the season, earning him recognition as a key figure within the team.

Continuing his remarkable performance into the fall, Patterson assumed the role of captain and IGL for the Red Hawks’ second VALORANT roster. Under his guidance, the team achieved an impressive 6-3 overall record and qualified for the playoffs of the National Junior College Athletic Association Esports (NJCAAE).

Red Hawk Esports head coach Cody Dalton spoke highly of Patterson, emphasizing not only his outstanding gameplay but also his unwavering dedication to academic excellence. As a strong leader within the program for the past two years, Patterson’s commitment and hard work have set an example for his teammates. Dalton expressed his confidence in Patterson’s abilities and predicted a bright future for him, both in esports and in life.

Joining Patterson in making waves within the Esports community is Jesus Andrade-Chavez, who, in December, signed with Converse University Esports to further his academic and athletic pursuits.

The achievements of these talented individuals reflect the ongoing success and growth of the CVCC Esports program. By nurturing promising players and providing them with opportunities to excel, CVCC continues to establish itself as a leading institution in collegiate esports.

The signing of Bailey Patterson with Cumberland University marks another milestone for the CVCC Esports program, reinforcing its commitment to developing well-rounded student athletes who are prepared to thrive in the competitive world of esports. As these players make their transition to four-year institutions, they carry with them the invaluable experiences and lessons learned at CVCC, which will undoubtedly contribute to their future success.

The CVCC Esports program celebrates Bailey Patterson’s signing with Cumberland University, recognizing his exceptional talent and dedication. With his remarkable achievements as part of the Red Hawks, Patterson has proven himself as a leader on and off the virtual battlefield. As he embarks on the next chapter of his academic and esports journey, we wish him the best of luck and continued success in all his endeavors.

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