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Timtammonster and Zero Impact discuss player behavioral systems in . They talk about text chat moderation/muting and other changes shipped in 2022, goals for 2023, and their dreams for League’s community.

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28 Replies to “Player Behavior | Dev Video – LoL”

How do we detect intent? Meanwhile people are after one death afk for 32 games in a row and you still don't "detect" the int. Please we can "detect" nothing is being done.

What if I troll by pick a champ that is not my role and take the other lane farm, or maybe take smite and go to jung farm. I would not speak anything, or being killed. I will just farm all the team resources.
I met a lot of those player doing that in rank. We cannot report them cause they did not say anything offensive, or feed, or afk. How can you detect those actions as trolling?

i have an idea that will make every league of legends player life better, listen carefully riot: if someone on ranked match done 0/10+ and their dmg is lower then it should be for their role just ban him, its simple. if someone runs 1v5 and dies, ban him. if someone has less dmg than his tank-support guess what? ban him.

Give us back the ability to honor more than one player and even opponents. There are games, where I want to honor more than just one player, because everyone did really good and maybe the team was just really friendly even when we lost the game. Also sometimes maybe enemy will stop hitting us after a bug and we want to honor him for such behaviour. Give us the option to really make feel others great. We don't need many rewards from league, we need more rewards from other players. We need recognition. The feeling that even our enemy really enjoyed playing against us. The feeling of community.

What solutions do you have for smurfs? What solutions do you have for inters? What solutions do you have for AFKs? What solutions do you have for MMR matching people unfairly? You have no concrete solutions for any of these things. The reporting feature does nothing because if even toxic players get banned, they hop on their smurfs and keep being toxic.

One day behind in season 2023…….for the love of…….Riot removed Corrupting Potion from ARAM but kept Mark-spell (snowball), wich players don't/refuses to use. In ranked players were afk, refused to take certain things and in very first ranked match one player fed other team 26 times in under 30 minutes. Player behavior in action ladies and gentlemen………

You know League could have so much potential, but of course It seems they don't listen to what we want. As I was reading other comments I imagined that you can for example mod game by your self like you can make your minigames, maps, champions?.
Well if I imagine community I see ppl creating in game content to the game. And ye ofc community content is not something Riot can make money of so maybe in other world.

The changes made to player behavior recently has actually been pretty good. I always get feedback reports, meaning players are being punished for it.

At the same time, even I get toxic here and there and yet I'm not punished, though I'm not toxic enough to punished for it since all I do is just banter and vent.

I used to do the same thing but got punished for it, now I don't.. so whatever detection they use now, is great. So far, seems pretty good. I think they're doing decent for once.

Devs talking about player behaviour and the video previous to this one features a scripting Sion without anyone working on the video noticing it. How am I supposed to take you seriously when an ENTIRE TEAM OF RIOT EMPLOYEES putting the previous video together didn’t even notice it. At this point it’s just laughable. It’s in the video about current game state. Go to 3:25.

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