isn’t BAD, he’s just COMPLETE TRASH | 2
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25 Replies to “DOOMFIST COMPLETE TRASH | Overwatch2”

Slam is the biggest thing that makes doom bad. 50 damage is so useless. If you land right on someone with spam it should deal at least 100 damage but if you land farther away with spam it deals less and then there should be a middle ground.
Block is also just such a bad ability. Block should work like kiriko cleanse instead. Block is supposed to be a reactionary ability but you still get punished. It should have a 1 second duration but you take no damage like kiriko cleanse.

To me hes not completely bad, Its just about learning combos and hitting punches and knuckle shots, His ult is very garbo though.

Edit: He also has many niche uses that people don't seem to know; With a Punch he cancels Moria Ult, With a Punch you can stop sigma absorb, Punching a reign shield opens reign up for damage for a second + Saving people from punching charging reign, Punching Zarya Bubble I /think/ cancels it, But it definitely seems to do something as I win 80% against a Zarya, Punching a Hog as he hooks a team mate knocks him away for a clean shot, Blocking explosive ults are really useful, Especially Dva as is also Knocks Dva out of calling Mech, And a punch Cancels Mercy Revive. There may be more but knowing these makes him way more useful.

I think punch stops Hog Healing too?

me when fighting doom fist in deathmatch: "how is he this strong!? how many pushups did he do, how many sit ups- WHAT KIND OF JUICE DID HE DRINK"

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