Dragonflight makes you rulers over the weather

In the next expansion of World of Warcraft, players become powerful. They can even control the weather!

In World of Warcraft, there are now numerous ways to customize your character. Be it through the barber, transmog options or various toys. But there are many aspects in the game world that characters have little or no influence over – such as the current weather in the area in question. That would also be too powerful if players could control it?

Well, with Dragonflight, you can do just that. What are these devices? This is about two toys that can be made by engineers. The two devices are:

  • Centralized Precipitation Emitter: Enables different weather effects.
  • Environmental Emulator: Changes the environment and the skybox (clouds/sky in the distance).

Both devices have a duration of 2 hours each, so quite long. However, the effects are limited to members of your party or raid – other players cannot see these effects and will not be disturbed by them. What are the settings? Both devices have different settings. The Centralized Precipitation Emitter determines the weather and can cause the following effects:

  • Rainy storm
  • Snowdrifts
  • Sandstorm
  • Ash Rain


WoW Weather Change 2 wowhead

Snow in Stormwind – soon it will be in your hands. (Image source: wowhead)

The Environmental Emulator changes the skybox and with it the basic ambience. With him you can choose between these options:


  • Peaceful day
  • Devil’s storm
  • Calm cyclone
  • Icecap
  • Burning sky
  • Swirling Nether


In addition, both devices still have the option to “kick” the respective machine to reset it and cancel the previous effects. The effects of both machines can be combined, so you can have, for example, an ash rain with ice crown skybox.

WoW Weather Change 1 wowhead
The swirling Nether in Stormwind? No problem either! (Image source: wowhead)


What use is this? Basically, by manipulating the weather, you can drastically change the ambiance of a place. Since the change is virtually always accompanied by a different skybox, the lighting and color scheme of the place can change drastically. Many already used something similar in Bastion (Shadowlands) and used the “Ink Black Potion” to turn down the brightness of the glaring area. Especially roleplayers should be massively happy about the gadgets, too. Because who does not know it? You’re playing a sad, romantic scene on the beach in Stranglethorn Valley in the pouring rain, only for it to be over again three minutes later and the sun is laughing inappropriately instead. A scene that each and every one of you has surely experienced. Certainly.

One criticism, however, is that it “only” lasts 2 hours and has a cooldown of 6 hours. So if you want to play out a long RP session in a certain weather condition, you’ll have to hope for the help of other player:s. Accordingly, the RP community would like to see the cooldown reduced. Since Blizzard is currently fulfilling quite a few wishes here, this could definitely happen. Basically, this will give role-players in particular much more creative leeway, for example to give a scene more atmosphere as a game master. Blizzard had already fulfilled a dream for roleplayers before when they brought spell effects that can be fired at friendly targets.


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