EA Still Owes Community TOTS Compensation

enthusiasts were treated to the Community TOTS Upgrade Squad Building Challenge (SBC) recently. Excitement buzzed through the gaming community as players eagerly anticipated the rewards. Unfortunately, , the publisher of FIFA 23, once again managed to disappoint its dedicated fan base. The misleading description of the rewards and subsequent promises of compensation have left players feeling frustrated and let down.

EA’s History of Fails in FIFA Ultimate Team

EA Sports has a notorious track record when it comes to mishaps and shortcomings in FIFA Ultimate Team. The inclusion of incorrect players in packs is not an unprecedented event; it has occurred in the past and continues to happen, as evidenced by the recent Community TOTS Upgrade SBC. Such recurring mistakes only serve to exacerbate the frustration of players who invest time and money into the game.

Discrepancies in the Community TOTS Upgrade SBC

The Community TOTS Upgrade SBC was initially described as an opportunity to earn a Team of the Season (TOTS) player from the Community TOTS squad. Naturally, players expected only the players from this squad to be included as items in the packs. However, upon opening the packs, players were taken aback by the inclusion of TOTS Moments players alongside the Community TOTS players. While TOTS Moments players have their own merits, this departure from the promised rewards left players feeling misled and dissatisfied.

Unfulfilled Promises and Compensation

Recognizing the error in the Community TOTS Upgrade SBC, EA Sports announced that players would receive compensation. However, the compensation comes with certain conditions. Only players who completed the SBC before May 4 will be eligible for compensation, and they must have received a TOTS Moments player. While the promise of compensation was a ray of hope, it has been two weeks since the announcement, and players are still waiting for it to materialize.

Lack of Priority on Pack Quality

It is disheartening to witness the recurring pattern of EA Sports prioritizing quantity over quality in FIFA Ultimate Team. The inclusion of TOTS Moments players in the Community TOTS Upgrade SBC packs raises concerns about the integrity of the rewards and the accuracy of the descriptions provided. Players were enticed by the prospect of obtaining exclusive Community TOTS players, only to find themselves faced with a mixture of different player items.

Compensation delays

While EA Sports acknowledged the mistake and promised compensation, the waiting period for players to receive what they were promised has been prolonged. Two weeks have passed since the announcement, and players are left wondering when they will finally receive their compensation. This delay not only fuels frustration but also erodes the trust and confidence that players have in EA’s ability to rectify their mistakes in a timely manner.

Priorities at EA

The lack of urgency in addressing the compensation issue suggests that EA Sports may have shifted its focus to other endeavors, such as the development of EA Sports FC. While it is understandable for a company to have multiple projects and priorities, it is vital for them to recognize and prioritize the satisfaction of their player base. Neglecting to promptly resolve issues and fulfill promises only adds to the growing sentiment of discontent among FIFA 23 players.


The Community TOTS Upgrade SBC in FIFA 23 Ultimate Team has once again highlighted the persistent shortcomings of EA Sports. The misleading rewards description and delayed compensation have left players feeling deceived and undervalued. It is imperative that EA takes immediate action to address these issues, compensating all eligible players and ensuring transparent and accurate descriptions of rewards in the future. Players invest their time, money, and passion into FIFA Ultimate Team, and they deserve an experience that is free from recurring mistakes and unfulfilled promises.


When did EA release the Community TOTS Upgrade SBC?

EA released the Community TOTS Upgrade SBC in early May.

What were the misleading rewards described in the SBC?

The rewards were initially described as earning a Team of the Season player from the Community TOTS squad. However, the packs also included TOTS Moments players, deviating from the promised rewards.

Who is eligible for compensation?

Players who completed the SBC before May 4 and received a TOTS Moments player are eligible for compensation.

How long has it been since the promised compensation?

It has been two weeks since EA Sports announced the compensation, and players are still awaiting its delivery.

What should EA prioritize in FIFA Ultimate Team?

EA should prioritize the satisfaction of its player base by ensuring accurate rewards descriptions, promptly addressing issues, and fulfilling promises to maintain trust and player engagement.

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