Echoes of the Desert – Azir & Hecarim Deck

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Echoes of the Desert – Azir & Hecarim Deck – of #Runeterra Gameplay | LOR

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Deck Region : Shurima & Shadow Isles

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Timestamps :
0:00​​​​​​​ Preview
0:20​​ Game 1 VS Thresh Viego
12:47​​ Game 2 VS Shyvana Cithria
21:39​​ Game 3 VS Veigar Senna

Music : Yu-Gi-Oh! Master Duel – Climax Theme 4

– Dune Keeper
– Sand Soldier
– Aspiring Chronomancer
– Shark Chariot
– Soul Shepherd
– Moonlit Glenkeeper
– Wraith of Echoes
– Desert’s Wraith
– Shifting Sands
– Spectral Riders

: Domination / Arclight
Legends of #Runeterra Indonesia / LoR ID
Server : APAC / SEA
Patch : 3.18.0

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