Edda Hayes – The Call | Worlds 2022


Watch the live performance of The Call featuring Edda Hayes during the Worlds 2022 Finals Opening Ceremony Presented by Mastercard.

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39 Replies to “Edda Hayes – The Call | Worlds 2022”

Riot, ahora no soy nadie para ti, quizas un simpole jugador más del monton, pero espero recuerdes mi nombre, cuando te digo "Sai", espero lo recuerdes hasta que yo me pose entre las filas de estos jugadores, proclamandome ccon mi equipo los mejores perdedores, o mejores jugadores de ese año, obviamente no sera este año, ni el proximo, pero ojala y recuerdes este mensaje que te dejo, por que yo no lo olvidare. Saludos

Got me literally in tears… This was sooo beautiful! This song is the "World's Song" to me this year! And the stage performance!!! Teams showing up when the choir start to sing! I literally am crying, it is sooo beautiful ✨ Thank you Riot ❤

Ну чёт… херня если честно… Прошлые открытия были куда круче 🙂 но можно сделать скидку на ковидные годы, когда жёсткий спад на всё был. Надеюсь, в будущем всё будет столько же эпично, как и раньше 🙂 ну и песня будет подходить больше, как гимн, а не заставка WoW 🙂

This is probably the worst opening since 2017… this song already started pretty bad, I literally don’t know what they’re doing AND SINGNING, are they even singing?

Star walking was still as bad as the first time I hear it leaked on a live performance from a concert… This one was nice not as epic as KDA but still…

THIS is the Worlds we wanted! Just an amazing first Song and Performance! This Song gives Goosbumps!

All three Performances were amazing, but for me the first song was a "Worlds Song".

This and Jackson wangs performance were awesome personally for me. I enjoyed both and would have loved if the teams just came out via the call and fire to the fuse along with of course worlds 2022 orchestral theme

The teams were so focused on what they had to do they didn't even seem phased by the mob of deranged, homeless-looking people who broke into the stadium and starting having fits all across the stage. That's professionalism.

gosh I LOVE this. the fact that yall made this such huge dance performance, the animations, and props to Edda, for pulling us in with her magical voice. this ceremony is my absolute favorite so far.

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