eFootball 2022: Update brings many changes

The colleagues from #VGC have already spent some time with the new version of #eFootball 2022.

The result is a lot of gameplay footage from version 1.0.0. You can see the 85-minute video below:


For a long time nothing more was heard of #Konami’s eFootball 2022, but that changes today.

After version 1.0.0 was postponed after the disastrous launch last year, a date for it is now fixed. The update comes on April 14, 2022 and turns some things upside down in the game

A new quality level

“Six months after the first release last September, we believe we have reached a level of quality that we are satisfied with,” it says, “hence the decision to release v1.0.0.”

So what’s new or different? Quite a lot. There are bug fixes and new features, such as in the defensive controls. Here, the default key assignment has been changed to make defense more intuitive. Pressing commands return and there is now the option of a shoulder bump.

This applies not only to individual players, you also get a new option for the team with “demand pressure”. This makes the teammates move more towards the ball and work together to conquer it

What a dream pass

Moving on to the passes. The passing speed has been increased and a mechanic has been implemented “which includes the rebound energy of the ball as an acceleration factor”. This is supposed to result in a “rhythmic passing game.

Also with regard to the miss passes you make corrections that should lead to less “unnatural miss passes” overall. Newly added are the dream pass commands, which lead to passes with special trajectories

Shots and improved dribbling

For shots, Konami equally makes improvements to the trajectory. The shooting speed is better and the ratio of shots on goal has been adjusted to better reflect the gameplay. At the same time, there is the possibility of a precise dream shot.

More realistic movements you spend at the same time the dribbling, as well as increased precision in ball control and better response in sprint commands. Furthermore, there is a sharp kick as a new command and easier feint controls.

Online connection and strategy

With the new version, Konami also switches to a Clent server system to improve online connections and reduce the number of invalid games

“We are also continuously working to improve response times in online games,” it says. “After the update, we will continue to monitor the situation and make further improvements as needed to ensure an optimal soccer experience.”

New features and changes have been implemented in the strategy. Functions such as lineup change, individual instructions, automatic selection, secondary tactics, data management and more have been added, as well as processor utilization has been implemented for better response times.

Your Dream Team

The game mode Creative Team will become Dreamteam after the update. Here it’s not just about getting the strongest players and coaches. You can develop the players based on your preferred playing style and shape them “almost without restriction” according to your ideas.

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