Europe | Cosmic Creation Seasonal Tournament

European players compete in the Cosmic Creation Seasonal Tournament.  Thank you to of #Runeterra – Topic for uploading this video

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#LeagueofLegends Champion – Assassin Jax.


#Runeterra’s greatest weapons master, Jax is the only survivor of the Kohari—champions sworn to the defense of Icathia. But when the Void was unleashed against the Shuriman empire’s Ascended Host, Icathia
was destroyed, leaving Jax without a home or purpose. He gathered the “last light of Icathia”, a symbol of his hope to one day defeat the Void, and now travels the world, searching for warriors strong enough to face the coming darkness by his side.


#LeagueofLegends Teams – Newbee.


The year is 2014 – Newbee spread fear and terror among the established Dota 2 teams. We also like to remember their spectacular victory at the TI4, which made the Vici Gaming fans gape. Because in just 15 minutes the team won the final in the International.


#LeagueofLegends #Skins-Varus.


Two weeks from now and we’re playing on a new patch again. So let’s take a look at what the PBE has to say about the upcoming LoL Patch 11.11 and what we can speculate about.


#LeagueofLegends Guides- Annie.


It’s Annie’s turn in the Champion Guide. In our #LeagueofLegends Champion Guide series, we introduce you to the most important mechanics of all #LeagueofLegends Champions. We show you gameplay, runes, items and generally everything there is to know about these champions.


LoL #LeagueofLegends – #Arcane skins coming to #LeagueofLegends soon?.


Thanks to the new TFT set Gizmos and Gadgets, we may have gotten a first preview of new LoL skins. Will there be Arcanse skins soon thanks to the Netflix series #Arcane?With the reveal of the latest TFT set that will go live with LoL Patch 11.22, fans have gotten their first taste of possible new LoL skins.




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30 Replies to “Europe | Cosmic Creation Seasonal Tournament”

Embarrassing how all these dudes seem to play copy/paste meta decks they didn't even create. Just copied it from the internet. This is why I would crush all these fools. It's so fun crushing noobs with metas in ranked.

Why can’t I find where the America’s seasonal was streamed? I see EU and Asia, but no NA. I could see NA when it was actually streaming.

Рад,очень Рад! Наш молодец! Горжусь тем что,есть у нас умные ребята.Конечно тут еще зависит какие карты выпадут,но все равно рад за него!
Реализация ТФ в последней игре,была просто ахеренна)Я думал уже все,а оно вон как

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