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Who this year to FIFA 23 If you are looking for news, features or the demo of the popular soccer simulation, you are facing a bigger challenge than ever. After all, it’s a game of which several names have been rumored through the net. Whether they work in the EA Sports headquarters in Canada, in addition to a new name, on the changes and game modes that many in the FIFA community would like to see?

Behind half-held hand phrases like “Do or Die” or “One Last Ride” fall. Translated, that probably means something like: If the top dog in eFootball does not deliver with the upcoming spin-off, the way to the competition would be like GOALS or the one developed by Strikerz Inc. UFL a short one. Magic word? Free to play!

The rule of thumb for the FIFA 23 release is: When the leaves fall from the trees, the kick-off on the virtual turf is getting closer. Since FIFA 15 the game will be released on the European market for the seventh time at the end of September (25.09. to 30.09.). This time the release date of FIFA 23 falls on September 30th.

“I hope it will be a competitive game that keeps the fun in the game”

Lena “RBLZ Lena” Gueldenpfennig

– Standard vs Ultimate Edition

Once again you have the choice between the Standard and an Ultimate Editions when buying FIFA 23. The latter offers the following advantages and bonus features:

3 days earlier playable (September 27th)
4.600 FIFA Points
FUT Ones to Watch Item (Untradeable)
TOTW-1 player & Mbappé loan item
FUT Ambassador Loan Player Selection (Davies, Son, Vinicius Jr.)
Career mode talent from youth

Will we all be playing EA Sports FC soon? On May 10, EA Sports revealed what is probably the best kept secret in the gaming scene. FIFA 23 will be the last of its kind – in the wake of the non-renewed partnership with the eponymous soccer association FIFA – and will disappear from the gaming charts forever the following year.

Licensing chaos after the break with the world governing body? No way! Apart from smaller leagues (J-League), most of the licenses for players, clubs and their logos remain in FIFA 23. The publisher has a special treat in store for all Italian Serie A fans. Or rather: Goodbye Piemonte Calcio and welcome back…

Nice to know in the annual battle for naming rights: EA Sports cooperates with the players’ union FIFPRO, which represents over 65,000 professional players worldwide. “EA SPORTS is an established and valuable part of the soccer world and we look forward to all that is to come as a result of our innovative partnership. We look forward to integrating the Bundesliga and 2nd Bundesliga into EA SPORTS FC in the coming years,” said DFL chief executive Donata Hopfen of the rebranding.

Now, which is the bigger cover banger is in the eye of the beholder. On the one hand, Kylian Mbappé, the cover star since FIFA 21, manages a hat trick of a very special kind. A comic-like silhouette of the Paris Saint-Germain superstar adorns the standard version of FIFA 23 in this country.

On the cover of the Ultimate Edition, which will look identical in all regions of the world, Mbappé and a Chelsea FC player pose for a double cover. With Samantha “Sam” Kerr, EA Sports is making a statement for diversity while hinting at the greater influence of women’s soccer in the new game.

The latest soccer simulation is available for six consoles and the PC. Since many gamers have yet to upgrade to a next gen console (PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X), EA Sports is covering older Sony and Microsoft devices (PlayStation 4, Xbox One) accordingly in the sequel.

At the same time as the FIFA 23 launch, the virtual ball will also roll on Google Stadia and the Nintendo Switch from September 30. However, expectations for the so-called “Legacy Version” (Switch) are dampened by EA itself: “In FIFA 23 Legacy Edition, the gameplay features and modes are the same as those of FIFA 22 for Nintendo Switch. The game offers the same gameplay as FIFA 22: Legacy Edition, without new developments or significant improvements.

Call of Duty has it. So does . Even Need for Speed Heat got a crossplay function via an update, so that PlayStation and Xbox players can now play together. When the development team of FIFA 23 followed suit after what felt like an eternity, the jubilation about the confirmed crossplay function in FIFA 23 knew hardly any bounds – well almost! Friendly matches as well as online – Season s and cross-platform Ultimate Team matches will be possible in the following constellation:

Before the match a small icon informs on which platform your opponent is playing. “For various tournaments it would be a big advantage if we get the possibility to play 2v2 matches decentralized in FIFA 23 “, says Lena ,RBLZ_Lena’ Güldenpfennig. At this point the first of two hooks comes into play: Against each other yes, but not with more than two players! Excluded from crossplay are Pro Clubs, Volta and all other co-op modes.

Who still remembers the year 2006, when we had to buy a game for the World Cup in Germany (FIFA 06: Road to FIFA World Cup)? 16 years later EA Sports integrates the tournament into FIFA 23, but a little patience is still required until we can fight for the Cup of Cups with the DFB team around Timo Werner, Joshua Kimmich and Co.

The corresponding title update will be available shortly before the start of the World Cup in Qatar (November 21). With a playable mode for the Women’s World Cup, which will take place in New Zealand and Australia in 2023, the publisher bridges the gap to the double cover with Mbappe/Kerr.

The last two FIFA offshoots came without a demo version. To test FIFA 23 on the PlayStation and Xbox One before everyone else, so only the closed beta phase, which started in August, remains. In addition to the normal friendly match, three modes are playable: Career mode, FIFA Ultimate Team and VOLTA. EA Sports selects its beta testers exclusively in the US and UK.

FIFA 23 Gameplay Features: This is what’s new in animations and the offense

FIFA 23 is in the starting blocks, on September 30th the new – Season starts. Here we show you the new gameplay features for the animations and the offense.

Technical Dribbling gets more dynamic out of the dribbling values of the players and allows you – similar to Skill Moves – to cancel single moves
Machine Learning Jockey is the CPU counter to defend the new dribbling moves
Powershots are a new type of high-risk shooting mechanic and are executed with L1 + R1 + circle or LB + RB + B
AcceleRATE divides players into three kick-off types (Explosive, Controlled and Long).
Composed Ball Striking takes Composed Ball Control, introduced in FIFA 22, to the next level

FIFA 23 Gameplay Features: What’s new in defense and skill moves

In this video we explain what changes you can expect in the gameplay of FIFA 23 in terms of defense, skill moves and standards.

Hard straddle can be used to stop the opponent and hit the ball further away
The reaction speed of the goalkeeper in FIFA 23 is also based on the field of view
Put players behind the wall to prevent goals against from shallow free kicks

Left-footed players (e.g. Lionel Messi, Mo Salah) execute their skill moves with their strong foot
Run with opening shot feint (1 star)
Opening shot fin in the stand (1 star)
Direct take-off feint turn (1 star)
Delayed feint (3 stars)
Heel-to-Ball Roll (4 Stars)
Explosive Shot Feint (4 Stars)
Hacking Feint (5 Stars)

FIFA 23 Ultimate Team: These are all new features

What’s new in FIFA 23’s most popular game mode? In this video, we introduce you to all the changes and explain what you can look forward to in FUT 23. Besides FIFA Coins and FIFA Points, there is now another in-game currency that can be invested in FUT Packs. In FUT Moments Stars you earn in the new mode of the same name by completing short challenges (e.g. scoring a goal without passing).As part of the new crossplay, the shared transfer market for buying Messi, CR7 and various icon cards is one of the features that many players have asked for.A FUT squad is often only as strong as the chemistry between the players. The chemistry system, rethought from the ground up – players link not only with the one in the adjacent position, but with the entire team (one to three diamonds) – gives you greater flexibility.Speaking of flexibility, it’s well known that players placed in the wrong position can’t boost team chemistry. Henceforth, alternative position are listed in the FUT cards. Example: Heung-min Son (LM, CF, LW)!

The rumor mill is bubbling, little by little more information comes to light: We are excited about a special release year for EA Sports and let you here until the release date with all the latest news to participate.

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