FIFA 23: 5 fan wishes

There is no exact date for the official unveiling of “FIFA 23” yet, but with the usual release date in the fall in mind, it’s about time that EA Sports pushes out the details of the final game of the popular series. Next year, the soccer simulation will be called “EA Sports FC” for the first time and “FIFA 23” will be the grand finale for the iconic title. Fans hope for a worthy conclusion and have some wishes and ideas for it.


What used to sound like a pipe dream is now a standard in the industry – and that’s why “FIFA 23” needs to support crossplay between major platforms from day one. The good news is that EA Sports has already announced to test crossplay in “FIFA 22”.

After the feature made its way into “Apex ” with success, EA seems to want to equip the next big title with it. It is important that crossplay is available right at the release of the game, because a subsequent delivery of the feature can take quite a while – the example of “F1 22” currently shows that.

Story mode

Braking Point game scene from F1 2021.
“F1 2021” celebrated success last year with its “Braking Point” story mode.


Alex Hunter’s three – Season s were EA Sports’ attempt at story modes from “NBA 2K,” and “The Journey” is still remembered by gamers. It’s highly unlikely that the return of a story mode will happen in the past year of the FIFA EA relationship, as such a “groundbreaking” feature would probably be best saved for the launch of a new series like “EA Sports FC” in 2023. But one can dream.

Codemaster’s F1 franchise provided a successful example last year with “Braking Point” and will likely do it again once the two-year development cycle is complete. So this is a current EA already has in house. It would be a shame to let this opportunity slip away.

Improved free kicks

Free kicks in “FIFA” used to be a simple affair, but that’s no longer the case. As more and more options have been added, the system has become overly complicated. At this point, it feels like scoring a goal is purely a matter of luck – though that actually fits perfectly with FIFA Ultimate Team (FUT) with its card packs.

Don’t misunderstand – it’s nice to see all these realistic nuances. Hard to believe, but maybe the way “eFootball 2022” has gone with its simplification of standard situations is a good landmark. The same goes for corner kicks, where you often get the feeling that the result will never change – no matter what you do.

Less roller skating

FIFA 22 game scene.
Some players in “FIFA 22” are faster than Sonic.


“FIFA” has always been on the arcade side of soccer games, but “FIFA 22” has done a better job at simulating the real thing in the past year, thanks to new animations and player behaviors. It doesn’t make much sense for the game to completely change course.

Fans should still expect the Premier League to be the main inspiration behind it. However, it would be nice to see faster players no longer running as if on roller skates. Not just for the sake of realism, but mainly to make the multiplayer and “FUT” a little more competitive.

Co-op career mode

Career mode took a big step forward in “FIFA 21,” introducing the “Football Manager”-like simulation mode that fans have long wanted. In “FIFA 22,” however, it remained essentially the same, merely adding new customization options from “FUT.” Since the career mode is still very interesting for veterans of the series, it would be nice to see something new this year. How about the long-awaited online career mode or a co-op mode for two users like the “F1” games have?


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