FIFA 23: New clubs and leagues

FIFA 23 is still a few months away, but already there are discussions about new content. Are new leagues and clubs coming into the game?

No soccer game can boast as many real-world leagues, clubs and players as the FIFA series. This aspect of realism is perhaps the biggest argument that FIFA has over other soccer simulations. Because leading your favorite club to world fame – that can be a lot of fun.

However, not every single club in the world is represented in the game yet, and some leagues are missing as well. Could FIFA 23 get some additions in that respect? We look at current leaks and information.

According to leaks: Big club returns in FIFA 23, other one disappears

Here’s what you need to watch out for: The following leaks are still unconfirmed information which do not come from an official side. So it is possible that they will appear in FIFA 23 in another form or not at all. However, they come from sources that have shown to be very accurate in the past when it comes to new information in FIFA.

Big club returns: The Twitter user “DonkTrading” (via Twitter) reported back in early June that we could welcome back a new, old club: Juventus Torino is probably on its way back to the FIFA series.

There was a big outcry back then when the top Italian club entered into an exclusive partnership with Konami and their game Pro Evolution Soccer. The consequence in FIFA: The players were still there, but the club was now called “Piemonte Calcio”, including fake crest and fake jerseys.

This should be a thing of the past in FIFA 23: Juventus Turin is apparently called Juventus Turin again.

Napoli disappears in return: While Juve is back on board, we will probably have to say goodbye to SSC Napoli. Because Napoli again entered into a deal with Konami, which will take effect from this – Season .

How exactly the conversion of the club will look like in FIFA 23 is unknown at the moment. A variant like Juventus Torino, with a false name, crest and jersey is likely though. Hopefully, the players will still be included in the game. The Italian Serie A itself is also likely to remain.

Is a new league coming? Also from Donk comes the leak that the fifth English league could be introduced in FIFA 23. According to this the corresponding clubs have been added – but it is not confirmed yet that the league really comes.

It would be exciting for the career mode though, because in England you would then have five whole leagues to play through to get to the top. For comparison: In Germany there are “only” three leagues in FIFA 22 and that the complicated regional league system will be implemented in FIFA 23 seems rather unlikely.

New leagues in women’s soccer: As gaming insider Tom Henderson reports, women’s soccer is to get a bigger stage in FIFA 23. So far only the women’s national teams were represented in FIFA – now also clubs are to be added.

Among others, the following leagues are to be included:

  • The English FA Women’s Super League
  • The German Women’s Bundesliga
  • The National Womens Soccer League from the USA
  • And the D1F from France

Even more new players: Not a league or club in that sense, but new licenses could end up in the game via the upcoming World Cup, which could also lead to some new players.

According to Donk (via Twitter), all participating national teams should come into play. This would also include the currently missing African teams:

  • Senegal
  • Cameroon
  • Morocco
  • Tunisia
  • Ghana

However, it would be possible that these only end up in FIFA 23 in the course of a World Cup mode.

When FIFA 23 will be released is still open. Nevertheless, more and more information about the new series offshoot is coming to light. You can find an overview about the FIFA 23 release and all leaks here.

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