FIFA 23: Nintendo Switch – Legacy Edition

FIFA 23 has now been officially announced by EA Sports and in the process we also learned that there will be a FIFA 23 Legacy Edition for the Nintendo Switch will be available. But don’t pop the champagne corks just yet, because the FIFA 23 Legacy Edition will again be very different in scope and content from what console and PC players get with the Standard and Ultimate Edition. Below we have summarized everything we know about the FIFA 23 Legacy Edition on the Switch.

What is the difference between FIFA 23 Legacy Edition and FIFA 23

In the case of FIFA 23, the Legacy Edition for Nintendo Switch is once again a greatly reduced version of what all other platforms get with the Standard or Ultimate Edition. This is mainly due to the severely limited hardware resources that Nintendo’s console offers, forcing EA Sports to omit new developments like game modes (Volta Football) or crucial improvements like HyperMotion technology from new game versions ever since FIFA 19.

With FIFA 23 this time being developed specifically for the new generation of consoles (PS5 and Xbox Series S|X) and PC, bringing even more sparkling and realistic effects, things look a bit bleaker for the Switch and its meager hardware – even the Switch OLED doesn’t change that, as it still uses the same customized Nvidia Tegra X1 processor. Only a more powerful Switch successor, which probably won’t be released before 2024, or a “high-end Nintendo Switch Pro”, which basically only exists in the rumor mill, could change this – and even then only if Nintendo doesn’t stick a display on a modern calculator, but installs powerful – ergo expensive and still poorly available – components.

Basically, FIFA 23 Legacy Edition for Nintendo Switch as well as this time is an ever-recycled version of its predecessor, getting only a few updates for the latest kits, clubs, squads, stadiums, music, as well as an updated presentation (in-game menus, broadcast overlays and covers) and a few live updates. The biggest news with FIFA 23 is that the top women’s club teams are included, but the gameplay features and modes remain the same as FIFA 22 Legacy Edition, with no new developments or significant improvements like the new HyperMotion 2 technology.

In short, FIFA 23 Legacy Edition is based on FIFA 22 Legacy Edition, which in turn is based on FIFA 21 Legacy Edition, and so on. This goes all the way down to the first Legacy Edition for FIFA 18, which is why year after year the reviews follow suit. Also for FIFA 23 we have already prepared the “The same procedure as every year” sticker.


The cover star of FIFA 23 Legacy Edition for Nintendo Switch is Kylian Mbappé.



FIFA 23 Legacy Edition: supported game modes, Joy-Con & Controller

FIFA 23 Legacy Edition gets the same features as its predecessor, so you can expect the following game modes:

  • Kick Off
  • Career mode
  • Tournaments – Licensed and Own, including UEFA Champions League
  • Women’s international cup
  • Skill games
  • Online – Season s
  • Online friendlies
  • Local – Season s
  • FIFA Ultimate Team (FUT)&No. 13;
    • Manager tasks
    • Single player & online – Season s
    • Single player & online tournaments
    • Single player & online draft
    • Online single player
    • Squad Building Challenges


It has already been confirmed that FIFA 23 will include the World Cup in Qatar and the Women’s World Cup in Australia and New Zealand, but that only applies to the Standard and Ultimate Editions. It is not yet known if the World Cup will also make it into the Switch version. As a rule, current tournaments are integrated, but so far there is no indication that this also applies to the two World Cups. On the other hand, things are different with Rivals and FUT Champions in the Ultimate Team game mode. The two popular game modes are classically always missing in the Legacy Edition.

Can I play FIFA 23 on Switch on the go and with Joy-Cons?

Yes! FIFA 23 will once again be playable in TV mode, tabletop mode and handheld mode with up to 8 players simultaneously. Also the usual control via Joy-Cons in handheld, dual and single mode and the Nintendo Switch Pro Controller will be supported again.

Pre-order FIFA 23 for Nintendo Switch: Price, content and Early Access

When it comes to pre-ordering and pre-order bonuses, it gets pretty sobering for Switch players. You can pre-order the FIFA 23 Legacy Edition for Nintendo Switch for the traditional price of 39,99 Euro, but without the bonuses you get when pre-ordering the FIFA 23 Standard or Ultimate Edition. This doesn’t just mean Early Access, but also all the other bonuses like FIFA Points, players and loaners, and other items. So the bottom line is that pre-ordering doesn’t bring you much, except that you can get started in time. If you still want to send your order already, you can do that here:

Pre-order FIFA 23 Legacy Edition for Nintendo Switch:

In the German Nintendo eShop the FIFA 23 Legacy Edition is currently not listed (in the US store it is), but that will probably change soon. In addition, more online retailers and specialty stores like Media Markt, Saturn, GameStop will probably be added in the future.

Unfortunately there are no bonuses when pre-ordering the FIFA 23 Legacy Edition for Nintendo Switch.

Does FIFA 23 Legacy Edition support crossplay on Nintendo Switch?

In early March, news made the rounds that FIFA 23 will support the long-awaited crossplay feature, allowing FIFA 23 players to play together on all next-gen platforms. However, the Nintendo Switch is not one of the Next Gen consoles and was not specifically mentioned. Quite the opposite: As explained on the page FIFA 23: Finally with Cross-Play, but… the cross-platform play isn’t as accessible as hoped, and since the Legacy Edition traditionally doesn’t get any new features – of which cross-play is clearly one – it once again comes away empty-handed.

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