FIFA 23 – What are FUTS, TOTW and SBC?

is the latest edition of the popular FIFA video game series and offers various modes and features such as (FUT), Team of the Week () and Squad Building Challenges (SBC).

FUT (FIFA Ultimate Team) is the most popular mode in the FIFA series where players can create their dream team from scratch by buying, selling and trading players from different leagues and nations. Players can open packs to get new players or buy them on the transfer market. The goal is to build a competitive team and participate in various online and offline game modes to earn rewards that can be used to improve the team.

TOTW (Team of the Week) is a feature within FUT that selects a group of players who have performed exceptionally well in real-world soccer over the past week. These players receive upgraded versions of their cards, known as “In-Forms”, which can be obtained through packs or purchased on the transfer market. TOTW players are usually more sought after due to their upgraded stats and limited availability.

SBC (Squad Building Challenges) are another feature in FUT that allow players to complete certain challenges by submitting a squad of players that meet certain requirements. These challenges often require players to build a team with certain nationalities, leagues, or minimum rating. After completing the challenge, players receive rewards such as packs, coins or special player cards. SBCs are an interesting way to test your team-building skills and earn unique rewards.

Please note that FUT modes, TOTW and SBCs can change from year to year, with new features, challenges and special events being added. Be sure to stay up to date with the latest FIFA 23 news and events to get the most out of your FUT experience.

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