Fire to the Fuse (Ft. Jackson Wang) | Official Empyrean Cinematic - League of Legends x 88rising

Fire to the Fuse (Ft. Jackson Wang) | Official Empyrean Cinematic – #LeagueofLegends x 88rising

Driven by an endless need for revenge, Pyke hunts down other versions of himself across dimensions. After each kill, the dimension collapses and a new Empyrean is born with volatile powers and a mission all their own.

Get ready to tear onto the Rift with Empyrean Pyke, Jax, Lux, and more.


LEAGUE OF – “Fire to the Fuse”
Featured artists: Jackson Wang, 88rising
Written by: Jason Walsh and Mary Clare Clemons
Produced by: Jason Walsh
Mixed By: Jason Walsh
Mastered by: Randy Merrill at Sterling Sound
Vocals performed by: Jackson Wang
Vocal production by: Jason Walsh
P/C ###RiotGames 2022

Jackson Wang:


I lied awake for days,
Counting all the ways I died
Everything I couldn’t save
Buried down, still half alive

It’s got me crawling in my skin
But no one’s coming now to hold me close
Pouring out the gasoline
Yeah, I’ve been making friends with all these ghosts

And I’ve got nothing left to lose

Fire to the fuse (yeah)
Fire to the fuse

Sick and it’s twisted
But I’m back
With a match
Yeah and I’m a buzzkill
With nothing to lose

Sinking my teeth in
And I won’t
Let you go
We’re not having fun till…
You set fire to the fuse

Well it’s not me to turn and run
Met the bitter truth and I choked it down
Left a bad taste on my tongue
But my appetites been growing now

I can see you crawling in your skin
But no one’s coming now to hold you close
I’m pouring out the gasoline
So say hello to all my ghosts …

All alone
I’m moving like your shadow
You’re walking in my dead zone

Breathing slow
Love the hunt, love the high
Watching light fade from your eyes

And this is not a warning
This is not a test
I’m zeroed in on you and I’m
coming for the rest

And I’m about to ignite
Just try to play it cool
Echoes in your head like
Deja deja vu

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