First Shot Shotgun + Upcoming Summer Event!

Fortnite Battle Royale update V.21.30 is here, which means this year’s summer festivities are in the wings! You’ll get more info in the coming days – but while you’re preparing, you can be ready NOW with the new first-shot shotgun:

First Shot Shotgun: Loaded and Ready

First shot is first shot. The First shot shotgun Causes the most damage with the first shot after it has been completely reloaded! Although the remaining three shots are not as powerful as the first, the damage from all three cartridges is the same. Of course, you can always check the ammo gauge to see how many shots you have left, but you can also get this information from the lights on the side of the shotgun.

Fortnite First Shot Shotgun

You want every shot to really hurt? Then just reload after the first shot. If you don’t have time to do that, the other three shells will also get you there. The first-shot shotgun can be found on the ground, in chests, and in supply deliveries, as well as obtained from reality seedlings, by fishing, and from sharks.

Upcoming Summer Event

Fortnite appeal to No Sweat Summer

It’s summer, but you’re missing the in-game festivities to match? Don’t stress – they start in a few days this year! Be on the lookout for information about the festivities this week.

Super level for more styles

Fortnite Chapter 3 - Season 3 Super Level Styles

This – Season ‘s super level styles have received an update! You can now select the “Platinum Crack”, “Blue Slurp”, and “Aura Shine” styles on all other variants of Malik, Evie, Adira, Sabina, and Stormrunner.

Contest Notes

  • The first-shot shotgun is not available in competitive game modes.
  • “Zero Build” Arena now has shield stealing. When you eliminate a player, you immediately receive 50 shield points.

Important bug fixes

  • Fixed a bug where pocket tears did not produce a tear and were still consumed. This bug occurred if you switched items too early while activating the pocket tear.
  • Fixed a bug where weapon crosshairs changed size according to the HUD size.
  • Fixed a bug in Group Wedges that prevented players from using tents.
  • Fixed a bug on Nintendo Switch where players would freeze after sliding or climbing.
  • Fixed a bug in competitive game modes where storm sickness would reset when performing a restart on a team member.
  • Fixed via hotfix on July 12, 2022:
    • Fixed a bug that reset player sound settings to 0.
    • Fixed a bug where player settings were not saved correctly.


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