Fnatic 2023 LEC Roster Reveal

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With the 2023 LoL – Season fast approaching, we’re proud to announce our for the upcoming – Season *:

Toplane –
Jungle –
Midlane –
Support –
Coaching Staff – (HC), Hiiva and Shaves

*Pending RIOT Approval

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Champion – Mage Twisted Fate.

Twisted Fate is an infamous cardsharp and swindler who has gambled and charmed his way across much of the known world, earning the enmity and admiration of the rich and foolish alike. He rarely takes things seriously, greeting each day with a mocking smile and an insouciant swagger. In every possible way, Twisted Fate always has an ace up his sleeve.

League of Teams – VGJ.Thunder.

The youngest team among the greats, VGJ have only been making a name for themselves since 2017. The team was founded in 2016 in consultation between Vici (China Digital Culture Group Limited) and professional basketball player Jeremy Lin. Hence VGJ is the double married name – VGJ (Vici Gaming Jeremy).

League of Legends – Skins-Sentinels of Light.

The Ruination Event in League of Legends is in full swing and now we get skins that fit the event. The Sentinels of Light skins and a new Ruined skin are coming with LoL Patch 11.14 and they are already live on PBE. Let’s take a look at them!

League of Legends Guides- The best tracking tools, websites & stat apps.

To be successful in League of Legends, you need to constantly track all stats, builds and pros. Tracking websites like OP.gg, the Blitz app and CounterStats show us which builds and champs are the best right now. But which tracking and stats tools and apps are best?

LoL League of Legends – Arcane skins coming to League of Legends soon?.

Thanks to the new TFT set Gizmos and Gadgets, we may have gotten a first preview of new LoL skins. Will there be Arcanse skins soon thanks to the Netflix series Arcane?With the reveal of the latest TFT set that will go live with LoL Patch 11.22, fans have gotten their first taste of possible new LoL skins.

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