Fortnite *LOBBY BOT* Tutorial on Season 3

Weapons – Ratter Assault Rifle

The Ratterer Assault Rifle ( Typewriter ) is a weapon in the Fortnite Save the World campaign and is a flintlock weapon . It is one of the game’s assault rifles and requires medium ammo. It can be purchased from the event store during the “Road Trip” event for 1680 gold.

Maps Fortnite – Pressure Plant

The area is located in the northeast of the map. It was built after the volcano eruption. Also, it was used as a base by Singularity when she built the mecha for the final showdown.

Fortnite Skins – Parachute Trooper

The Parachute Trooper (English: Aerial Assault Trooper ) is a rare skin for the Battle Royale mode in Fortnite that could be purchased from the – Season Store during the first – Season of the game once you reached level 15.

Fortnite Items – Drinking Pitcher

The Chug Jug is a healing item in Fortnite ‘s Battle Royale mode . Once you have found the potion, you can use its help to refill your condition and shields to the maximum. However, it takes 15 seconds to empty the entire tankard; therefore, you should make sure to find good cover so as not to be discovered and attacked by opponents in the

Fortnite Outfits – Fade

Fade is a legendary skin for Fortnite’s Battle Royale mode that you get as a reward for Tier 1 of the Chapter 2: – Season 3 Battle Pass. It is also part of the Fade Out set. Harnessing the power of darkness, Fade closely resembles Drift in his suit, progression, and origin.

Fortnite Pickaxes – Branch Basher

The Branch Basher is an epic skin for the pickaxe in Fortnite ‘s Battle Royale mode and is one of the harvesting tools that can be purchased in the item shop . The Thrashing Branch is also part of the Skull Unity set.

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