Fortnite: No Sweat Summer Event 2022

Matching the record temperatures now also starts the Fortnite Summer Event 2022. The event is themed “Fortnite: No Sweat Summer” and runs from July 21 to August 9 (15:00) – so this time there are not 14 days of summer in Fortnite, but 18 days. Fittingly, the “No Sweat” insurance company has set up a party zone on Sanctuary beach with boat races, a floating skate park (on which you can’t skate), and many other attractions. Of course, there are also new summer tasks with free rewards every day, new Fortnite summer skins, you can rebuild Tilted Towers in the Fortnite: The Bock 2.0 rebuild tasks and much more. Below we will show you what is offered in the Summer Event 2022, which tasks you can solve and what rewards are available.


Fortnite: All summer event 2022 orders and rewards at a glance

Like last year, there are again 17 summer tasks in the Fortnite Summer Event 2022. This time, the whole thing is called “No Sweat Summer” tasks and is divided into three different task areas that become available one after the other over the course of the 18 days of the event – so there is a new summer task every day at 15:00. First up are the “No Sweat” sponsorship tasks, followed by the “No Sweat” product recall tasks, and finally the “No Sweat” product recall tasks. The details of the three task groups and their rewards can be found below.

No Sweat Summer Bonus Goals

  • Complete No Sweat Summer tasks (3)  – Reward: Style “Nana Frost” for back accessory “Frostastic Crispy Ice Cream”.
  • Complete “No Sweat Summer” tasks (7) – Reward: “Sweaty Swift” hang glider
  • Complete “No Sweat Summer” tasks (14)  – Reward: “Sweaty Rotation” emote
Fortnite: Style “Nana Frost

Fortnite: Hang glider “Sweaty glider”

Fortnite: Emote “Sweaty Rotation”

Fortnite: No Sweat sponsorship orders (available in stages from July 21 to 23).

  • Phase 1 – Pick up a “No Sweat” sign (1x) – Phase 2 – Carry the “No Sweat” sign and place it in a sponsoring location (1x). Reward: Style “Delicious Hangover” for back accessory “Frostastic Crispy Ice Cream”.
  • Jump off the battle bus during the “No Sweat Summer” event and land on the island (1x). – Reward: Back Accessory “Frostastic Crispy Ice Cream”.
  • Complete a lap on the motorboat race track after the start countdown (1x). – Reward: 15,000 experience points
  • Make a character dance with a boogie bomb (1x)  – Reward: 15,000 experience points
Fortnite: Style “Delicious Hangover” for back accessory “Frostastic Crispy Ice Cream”.

Fortnite: Back accessory “Frostastic Crispy Ice Cream”.

Fortnite: No Sweat marketing orders (available in stages from July 24 to 27).

  • Set an emote at various promotional dance floor locations (2x). – Reward: Style “Fish Flurry” for back accessory “Frostastic Crispy Ice Cream”.
  • Use doorbells until they break (3x). – Reward: 15,000 experience points
  • Stay in the air for 3 seconds while driving a motorboat (1x) – Reward: 15,000 experience points
  • Throw a waffle ice cream at various named locations (3x). – Reward: 15,000 experience points
Fortnite: Style “Fish Flurry” for back accessory “Frostastic Crispy Ice Cream”.

Fortnite: “No Sweat” product recall orders (available in stages from July 28 to August 3).

  • Phase 1 – Remove “No Sweat” labels from recalled products (3x).
  • Phase 2 – Dispose of the “No Sweat” labels in an official waste container (1x) –
    Reward: Style “Volatile Fluff” for back accessory “Frostastic Crispy Ice Cream”.
  • Make inflatable “No Sweat Summer” objects burst (3x). – Reward: 15,000 experience points
  • Fire the firework flare gun at the Mighty Monument or Tilted Towers&No. 13; (1x) – Reward: 15,000 experience points
  • Jump on beach umbrellas (5x) – Reward: 15,000 experience points
  • Kick a beach ball and a big beach ball (2) – Reward: 15,000 experience points
  • Break through doors in different quarters (3x) – Reward: 15,000 experience points
  • Destroy large buoys with motorboat missiles (3 pieces) – Reward: lobby music “No Sweat in the ear”.
Fortnite: Style “Volatile Fluff” for back accessory “Frostastic Crisp Ice Cream”.

Fortnite: New summer skins and familiar outfits in the store.

Also in Fortnite Shop it becomes summery. In addition to already known summer skins and bundles such as Beach Jules, Beach Brutus, Beach Bomber, Summer Drift Pack or Beach Promenade Ruby, which can be found including matching accessories under the heading “Summer Favorites” in the store, there are also new summer outfits. The new Fortnite Summer skins include Huntress Charlotte, Undercover Kor, Reef Raz, and Swim Pro Medley (Undercover Kor and Reef Raz are part of the Coastal Warrior Pack). More outfits are expected to follow during the event.


At the Fortnite Summer Event 2022 there are again a few new summer skins.

In the Fortnite Shop you can find new and popular summer skins.

Discover “No Sweat Summer” islands from various Creators.

From July 21 until August 9 (15:00), you can find the new “No Sweat Summer” series in the Discover menu, featuring selected islands from various creative creators who answered the “No Sweat Summer” appeal in early June. Here you can expect summer skill games, deathruns, courses and much more.

At the Fortnite “No Sweat Summer” islands you can try out great game modes from the community.

Exclusive “Frostastic Crisp Ice Cream” style for Fortnite Crew members.

Frostastic Crispy Ice Cream comes in a total of 6 different flavors, five of which are unlocked via the No Sweat Summer tasks. The sixth style – the Cuddly Berry flavor – is only available to active Fortnite crew members. You don’t have to do any extra task for it, the style will be unlocked automatically once you unlock the Frostastic Crispy Ice Cream

You can only get the “Snuggle Berry” style for the “Frostastic Crisp Ice Cream” if you are a Fortnite Crew member.

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