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Update September 15, 2022:

is now available for free on the Oculus Store, Pico Store, and Steam.

Jan and Ben have played Ultimechs for you in advance. You can find their impressions behind the linked article.

Below you can see the launch trailer.

Original article dated August 25, 2022:

Ultimechs: VR hit studio launches free-to-play game

The new VR game from hit studio Resolution (Blaston, Demeo) is coming soon, bringing free-to-play mech competitions.

Ultimechs lets you slip into the metallic garb of lightning-fast mechs and play a sport called Superball. The goal is to get the ball into the opponent’s goal using rocket fists. The VR game is designed for two teams of two, but also supports duels.

“With Ultimechs, we wanted to create a new sport created that people will enjoy playing and following many years from now,” said studio founder and CEO Tommy Palm. “Ultimechs combines the excitement, drama and atmosphere of traditional sports and comes up with catchy action with plenty of room for clever strategies.”

Ultimechs goes free-to-play

Ultimechs will be released for free on September 15 for Meta Quest 2 and Pico headsets, as well as on Steam. Meta Quest 1 is not supported.


Turnover the studio wants to make with the Ultipass, a seasonal membership that brings cosmetic upgrades and personalization options for your own mechs. Resolution Games will reveal more info on price and content ahead of the launch.

Those who own a PC and want to try Ultimechs before launch will have the opportunity to do so from August 25 to 28. The studio is hosting a Preview weekend on Steam for team and solo players:inside.

A new gameplay video (see above) introduces the game mechanics and offers pro tips from an Ultimechs developer.

Play Ultimechs at Gamescom

Another opportunity to test Ultimechs before its release is at Gamescom. You can find the Resolution Games booth at #C051 in hall 09.1.

Ultimechs is the second title from the Swedish VR hit studio with e-sports ambitions after Blaston (review).

On August 1, the qualification started for the first Blaston Championship with a Prize money of 10,000 US dollars. The finals will be broadcast via on November 5 and 6. The best VR players from the USA and Europe will be crowned.

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