G2 Caps Shares His Self-Reflective Method for Mental Toughness

In the competitive world of League of , mental fortitude is just as crucial as mechanical skills. G2 Caps, a highly decorated player with numerous titles and championships to his name, knows this better than anyone. But even he has faced mental struggles and setbacks throughout his career.

In an exclusive interview with ONE , Caps shared his insights on how he takes care of his mental health and who his biggest supporter is.

A Different Theory Every Year

Every competitive season, Caps focuses on playing confidently and having the belief that he can beat anyone. He approaches each year with a different theory on how to bring out the best version of himself and maintain the best mental state.

Caps found that this approach helped him greatly in 2022, which was a challenging season for him. G2 suffered a series of losses, including a disappointing defeat to T1 at MSI 2022 and a sweep by Rogue (now KOI) in the LEC Summer 2022 championship final. The team’s placement in Worlds 2022 was also their lowest in Caps’ career.

Tough Off-Seasons and Seeking Professional Help

Caps also revealed that he has had some tough off-seasons, particularly after G2’s loss against in the LEC Summer Playoffs 2021. The defeat took a toll on him, and he sought the help of a sports psychologist.

Support from Caps’ Biggest Fan

During these difficult times, Caps found comfort and support in his father, Michael Winther. Fans often spot him in the crowd, watching his son with pride and a big smile on his face.

“He’s always there for me in the important games, always cheering,” Caps said. “Often, he even starts some cheers in the crowd, which I appreciate a lot.”

When the COVID-19 pandemic broke out in 2020, live esports events were halted, and Caps’ father could not join him. But as regulations eased and vaccines were rolled out, Michael was able to attend the LEC Final and Worlds, providing Caps with the support he needed.

Caps’ self-reflective approach to maintaining his mental toughness and seeking professional help when needed, along with the support of his family, has helped him overcome mental struggles and setbacks in his career. It’s a reminder that mental health is just as important as physical health, especially in the world of competitive gaming.

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